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10 Best Party Places IN THE WORLD!!! - Time to Get Crazy

Updated on April 21, 2012

There are not many things about which I would say I am an expert, I am pretty good with women, I have a nice jump-shot and can grill a mean steak...but other than that I am pretty just your average well traveled guy...oh, and I am a total closet nerd who loves musicals and Victorian literature..I know, I need help....

One thing I DO know is how to party...I have been lucky enough to have travelled very extensively and had jobs that have taken me to all kinds of interesting places. Being a total work-a-holic, I tended to keep my nose to the grind-stone through much of the year, not go out on weekends etc. so that I could take a good two or three week vacation and just get crazy.

I thought it would be fun to compile a list of the top party places I have ever been, all of which I will HIGHLY recommend visiting if you are able. There is a good mix of locations here as well as a pretty wide difference in cost, hopefully there is a little something here for everyone.

#10 - Oktoberfest - Munich Germany

Ok, so the music in this video is ridiculous, but you get the idea. Germany is a pretty cool place to go for any reason, but Octoberfest (Oktoberfest) in Munich is just another level. Germany may have the most under-rated women of any country on earth, I was blown away by how BEAUTIFUL and fun most of them I met have been, and that goes for all of Germany, not just Munich. I have been to Oktoberfest twice, once in Frankfurt and once in Munich. Go to Munich if you can, it is a beautiful city AND talk about a awesome party. Not as flat out nuts as some of the others on the list, but a really cool time...and LOTS of hotties of both sexes getting drunk and singing...and making out...who doesn't love that??

#9 - St. Patrics Day - Dublin Ireland

I must admit that I have fallen in love in Ireland or with an Irish girl about 200 times. OMG the accent SLAYS me!! Anyway, you can be pretty sure that if you find a group or Irish while travelling that they will be a good time. The Irish know how to party and they show up in most of the top party destinations. Dublin is not only a beautiful city, it also has a fantastic night life. Temple Bar area is out of control and to go to Dublin for St. Patties day is one of those things you NEED to do at least one in your life, whether you are Irish or not!

#8 - Australia Day - Melborne, Australia

Wow...ok, Australians are HOT!! After meeting many aussies all over the world at pretty much every imaginable party venue and always having a great time, I thought it was time to go and visit the Land Down Under for myself. Australia Day is just a huge party reardless of where you go, but Melborne takes it to another level. Hot bodies, tons of drinking and non-stop party not to mention world class beaches and did I mention tons of drinking and hooking up?

#7 - Vegas

I know, I know, How can I put Vegas this far down the list....well, I must admit it was hard. Vegas is AMAZING and is the destination of choice when America's want to really let loose. However Vegas, though very fun and cool and crazy, is still a corporate America creation with lots of rules and LOTS of police and security. It just does not go as crazy as some of the other places on this list.

#6 - Miami Winter Music Festival- Miami, United States

Wow...Miami is a awesome anytime of year....South Beach is almost always going off, but for those of you that really want a serious party...Miami Winter Music Conference....out of flipping control. I have been to three of these and it is always just an amazing time. Take the hottest women and biggest partiers from all over the world and mix in some serious house music, sun and hard partying.

#5 - Mardi Gras - New Orleans - United States

In perhaps the most debaucherous party in the US, Mardis Gras in new Orleans, and especially Fat Tuesday is as close as we come to Carnival here in the US. Beads, drinking, drinking, beads, flashing and drinking....oh and some dancing and making out. It is always a good time to see people of all ages and from all over the US just letting loose.

#4 - Full Moon Party - Koh Phangan - Thailand

With number 4 we are going to break into another level of partying. Now, don't get me wrong, the parties in the US and most of Europe are intense, but the top four on this list really step it up a notch. #4 is the Full Moon party in Koh Phangan Thailand. Thailand in general is just crazy, but the full moon party is WAY crazy. We are talking non-stop party for 24 hours fueled by all kinds of substances. Go with friends and be careful but make new ones and have a good time, this is one of those that is a MUST do at least once in your lifetime.

#3 - Ios Island , Summer - Ios, Greece

Ios might be my favorite place on this entire list. The first time I went there was after graduating from college..We had intended to go for a week and ended up staying for 2 months. There are three things to do on Ios, drink and party all night, hook-up and recover on the beach. Full of hotties from Ireland, Australia, North America and much of Europe, this place is like the College fraternity version of Ibiza, less trance and drugs and way more sex.

#2 - Carnival - Rio de Janiero, Brazil

It is Carnival...this is the biggest parade of barely clad dancers anywhere on the planet. A two day street parade where the string Bikini is considered conservative. This is the Grand Daddy of all Carnival festivals in Europe, the US (Mardis Gras) etc. Rio is one of the most beautiful places on earth and the night life there is AMAZING on any normal night...during Carnival, it is a non-stop party for about a week. OUT OF CONTROL...this is a must see before you die type of event.

#1 - All Summer - Ibiza, Spain

Not that there is a chance that Ibiza would not be #1 on this list.  Anyone who has been here during the summer knows exactlly what I mean.  We are talking lots of sun, tons of alcholol and other substances, clubs that hold 10,000 people and pretty much EVERY major DJ on earth for House, Club and Trance IN RESIDENCE for the entire summer.  The opening and closing parties are legendary and when the clubs close well AFTER the sun comes up, the party just moves to the beaches.


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    • profile image

      IanVanWood 4 years ago

      I have been three times on TRANSMISSION in Prague - Czech Republic in heart of Europe. It was unbelievable. This year will be 10th edition. I can't miss it. Who is coming?? they have nice website

    • profile image

      Datapalace 4 years ago

      Dude you forgot THE number one party place in the world, probably because it hasn't become internationalized yet. FLORIPA, BRAZIL!!! Awesome list otherwise..

    • profile image

      Pete 4 years ago

      Really Ireland ? No offence but shite weather and Ugly women

    • profile image

      Leonardo 5 years ago

      Ibiza is the best party town ever !! This year was AMAZING


    • profile image

      michael 5 years ago

      man it is a good list but you forgot 1 of the best, cancun is definitely up there as 1 of the best for sure.

    • profile image

      robert 5 years ago

      Well, just came back from Ayia Napa, this is the largest dance floor Ive ever seen. There is over 100 clubs in one place! Try it!

    • profile image

      Jenny 5 years ago

      Maguluf surely

    • TheSituation profile image

      TheSituation 5 years ago

      Sev! Love it! I have never been there...not sure if I will add it to the list but I now have a new place to go! Love it!!

    • profile image

      Sev Latin 5 years ago

      Dude, you forgot tubing parties in Van Vieng, Laos. That is pure insanity

    • profile image

      jobin george 5 years ago

      come and do party in goa

    • profile image

      KayGirl11 5 years ago

      omg i so want to go to carnival in Rio de Janiero Brazil!!!

    • TheSituation profile image

      TheSituation 5 years ago

      You are out of your mind!! I go to Vegas probably 4 times a year, and yeah it is is Mall of America. This is top party crazy places and there is NOTHING in vegas that can touch closing party at Space. NOTHING :) But yeah, vegas is awesome!

    • profile image

      Roy 5 years ago

      Putting Vegas that low is just funny. I've seen both and it's 10 times bigger and better than Ibiza. And the girls look better and are better dressed.

    • profile image

      jay 5 years ago

      Great list. Winter music week in miami is definitely my favorite in the US, the city is always crazy but that week takes it to a whole other level. Full moon party and thailand in general are also unbelievable. Going to check out ios this summer!

    • profile image

      partyboy123 5 years ago

      iv been to most of them and i think that amsterdam is awesome but its a very gd list some of them are awesome and if ur looking to go on like tour like a big group of people i think zante and places like tht shud be on there cause irs reasonably priced and its awsome if u go at the right times of the year ??

    • profile image

      xx 6 years ago

      hes listing the best places he thinks and has actualy been to himself.. to the people who think otherwise go write your own bloody hub ha. great list.

    • profile image

      6 years ago

      Clearly you have never been to Amsterdam, it's one of the party capitals of the world.

    • profile image

      lolol 6 years ago

      rofl i could really argue against Australia Day Melbourne. Trust me, nothing really exciting happens on this day. It's like the American Independance Day.

      My god, not even Patong or Pattaya is listed there

    • profile image

      partayboii 6 years ago

      awsome list buddy, ive done a fair few of the places listed but thought id tell u about tomorrowland in belgium, now that's a partyyyy!!!

    • profile image

      MoneyMark 6 years ago

      Great publication mate! Being an Aussie I can definitely concur that Aussie day is a great celebration. You're missing one amazing place though! What about Central America!!! I have been to 3/4 of the places on your list but the best party I have ever been to is far and out Bocas del toro in Panama! A caribbean island where everyone comes to mix. Amazing clubs that jet out over the caribbean ocean and party boats which you can only get to by jumping onto mid ocean like a pirate (or like a boss). Sex, booze and good times.

    • profile image

      25weeks 6 years ago

      All awesome parties, I have done 7/10. I think this is a better Full Moon Party Video though

    • profile image

      rikki 6 years ago

      great list of places, looking forward to ticking them off my list! A great party where im from our trance parties, here's a look at a couple...

      thay're all outdoors and usually go on for 3 days.

      keep up the partying guys!

    • travel2 profile image

      travel2 6 years ago from London, England

      I've only done 3 from this list (Full moon, Ibiza and Vegas) better get busy before I get too old!! Great hub

    • profile image

      ole 6 years ago

      but what about greece, kos town, it is pretty wild there as well???

    • profile image

      ammara butt 6 years ago

      ibiza spain my dream place....

    • profile image

      Weeds 6 years ago

      come and party here at philippines...

    • profile image

      UZO 6 years ago

      great publication ;)

    • profile image

      Oktoberfest Munich 6 years ago

      You definitely need to add the isle Pag, Croatia with it's party beach, Zrce to your list!

    • profile image

      patrick 6 years ago

      Dude how did Amsterdam not make the list?

    • profile image

      vvm 6 years ago

      party places: bodrum (greece), lloret de mar, salou, Gran Canaria

    • profile image

      ji 6 years ago

      strange that not amsterdam is ranked

    • profile image

      shpetim 6 years ago



    • profile image

      Geert 6 years ago

      What About Queensday; Holland? a few million people, drugs, drinks and the best dj`s in the world performing in openair for free!

    • profile image

      jenny 6 years ago

      im sry but last summer i went to Malta and its the best, alcohol partying every day, it was the best holiday ever check it out on google and write paceville in malta

    • profile image

      corey 6 years ago

      full moon party is crazy . by far the best party place i have ever been to apart from tubbing in loas . both these places u will see chicks do things u could never think of

    • talfonso profile image

      talfonso 7 years ago from Tampa Bay, FL

      Great party places! Special honors go to Tampa, near where I live. It's especially party-crazy during Gasparilla and Guavaween!

    • TheSituation profile image

      TheSituation 7 years ago

      DRE....Ummm, yeah, lived there for 4 years. Cool City, but NOT that crazy. MAYBE it would go in the top 15....cant even touch the top 5 of this list..

    • profile image

      dre 7 years ago

      I guess none of u have been to nyc

    • profile image

      Greg Pike 7 years ago

      You forgot St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. George Street has one of the highest concentrations of pubs and dance bars in the world. It's a party district in the city.

    • profile image

      Gabriel 7 years ago

      I agreed but the best place to celebrate Carnival in Brazil is Salvador!!!! Rio is for tourist Salvador is the biggest one to party!!!

    • profile image

      Sonny 7 years ago

      Next time try to go to Sunny Beach, Bulgaria. That city is crazy!

    • TheSituation profile image

      TheSituation 7 years ago

      Isnt the RUSS thing like a high school graduation? HMmm, little young for me buddy ;)

    • profile image

      Bigdawg 7 years ago

      Pretty weak that you dont even have the Norwegian RUSS celebration here, which is ranked as number 2 and 1 everywhere else. I was there this year and let me tell you; it made my previous summer at Ios completely fade! Norwegian RUss celebration is the ultimate!

    • TheSituation profile image

      TheSituation 7 years ago

      Jesica! You sound like my kind of girl! I did not go last year, but did the previous two summers. LOVE IT!!!!

    • profile image

      jesica 7 years ago

      IOS = ALL you can do : sex dance drink clubs farout lovelovelove IOS

      i've been 3 summers there an again and again i will never stop!


    • OregonWino profile image

      OregonWino 8 years ago

      Dude! This is a AWESOME! Hub!!!