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7 Travel Blogs That Will Inspire You to Pack Your Bags Now!

Updated on March 25, 2018
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Susan is a seeker of cultures, new destinations, societies and people.

Do you want to feed your inspiration to travel around the world? Here are some of the world's best travel blogs by the most inspiring travelers of the day.

It's time for some #wanderlust.

A Broken Backpack

A heartwarming and genuine traveler has stories about the many places she has visited. She started her expedition in 2014 and became a digital nomad in a few years. One thing she professes is that you don't need to be rich to travel. And that's a good enough inspiration for all the struggling travelers out there.

If you are looking out for an inspirational digital nomad with some stunning stories from the world, here you go: brokenbackpack



Pauline Egge is all about details and designs. She has something very special and unique in her platform. Her perspective of travel stands out from many others because she loves infrastructures, designs and details. She has a high aesthetic sense and her content revolves around beautiful locations and great interior decors. Her website is a window to many great ideas and designs and, of course, travel.

Here you go: petitepassport


The Blonde Abroad

Not all travelers have an eye for photography, but Glo is an exception. Her incredible talent in photography and her captivating writing style is sure to impress you. She is absolutely inspiring, and her travel blogs are sure to keep every traveller craving for more.
petitepassport is the little window to her adventurous life.

Johnny Jet

Johnny Jet is an expert traveller who gives amazing travel ideas for young travellers and for people who travel once in a lifetime. His travel blogs give an array of information on booking, restaurants, travel deals, general travel ideas, cost-effective ideas, and a lot more. He is quite a popular traveler and has made an impression on the travel market today.


Hippie in Heels

Here's another inspiring traveller who left her job for the sake of wanderlust. Travellers like Rachel makes you wonder why you are still staring at your screen reading an article on travellers.

Hippie in Heels is an amazing travel website that guides newbie travellers. Her stories arise from the land of wonder and mysticism, India. If you want a traveller's perspective on India, then Rachel is your go-to guide.

My life’s a Movie

Alyssa Ramos is a travel blogger who has strong and honest opinions about the places she visits. Her travel blogs are an inspiration to all travelers out there. Her story is real. She talks about how she started off as a traveler and even hit rock bottom since she did not have money. Well, it is true. Although traveling seems like a pretty fairy tale, the truth is that it that it takes a lot of effort to get there.

Alyssa advocates solo traveling and her message is quite strong. If you keep waiting for someone to travel with, you might end up not traveling at all. You can meet her at mylifesamovie.



If you are looking for an absolute visual treat, you got to check out TravelBreak. Steph Be has some inspiring stories to share from all over the world. Her platform is quite inspiring because of her passion for travel. She is a professional content developer and this is seen in her captivating style of writing. Her platform gives great ideas if you are an aspiring digital nomad or even if you want to become a kick-ass entrepreneur.


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