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10 Countries I like to visit

Updated on August 3, 2016

What PROBLEM occurred traveling abroad

  • Traffic-heavy traffic are common problem specially when your traveling major cities.
  • Airport Terminals-bad luck for you if your flight delayed and worst should booked early to your local ticketing agent.
  • Money Changer - sometimes you can't find money changer to change local currency's.lucky for you hotels and other establishments like WESTERN UNION accept foreign currency.
  • Hotel Accommodation- you should book hotel rooms as early as you can or you might sleeping in a park.coz sometimes hotels makes problem with their customers in dealing with their room vacancies.
  • City Crimes- The most dangerous of going abroad are can't deal with this people who only knows is to get all your money and valuable prevent any of this happen to you is to avoid less people.

Foods and wines!

All people love to eat good food with a glass of wine.restaurants with nice ambiance,cheap but delicious foods and friendly workers brings back customers to their tables.

Someday I might post a blog that I visit one of this country I mentions above.and share some of the most beautiful and nicest place I've visit.



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