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10 Interesting Apps That Will Make Your Travel Life Much Easier

Updated on July 29, 2016


Want to upgrade your flight seat to a business class. Then this app is for you. Simply add your flight to the app to get entered into an auction for an upgrade. The app notifies you once the bidding started and who bides highest wins out. Adding your flight details to grab a last minute upgrade even on the day of your flight.

They'll send your new boarding pass straight to your mobile, so you can relax, scan at the gate and make your way straight to your new seat. How cool is that.



This is a savings app for your travel. Already booked the flight and hotel for your trip, not to worry cos this app will track down any price drops for air fares and hotels prices. Not only the app track the prices for you. It helps you to secure the refunds you are eligible for. Save your time and money with Yapta. In addition to hotels and flights, if you are planning to rent a car at your destination. This app will help you with rental car prices as well.

Award Wallet

Got your hotel and flight prices tracked, then why leave your reward programs. Award wallet app does just that. Add all your reward programs, it will monitor them for you and it will alert you when your balance changes or your points are about to expire. So that you have no unused benefits from reward programs. Award Wallet will automatically add your flight itineraries and sends email reminder get emails with changes and reminders to check-in.


This app will create a smart itinerary for you, all you have to do is forward all your travel info. It will organize all your travel info at one place. You can access you itinerary at any device and even share it with whoever you want to. It also allows you to store travel documents and contacts all at one place.


Personal inventory, travel and insurance app. A smart way to store receipts, photos of valuables and possessions in one place. Creating a personal inventory for your valued possessions in your home and portable valuable items taken when travelling. Backup photos of your travel wallet items including passports, loyalty cards, frequent flyer cards, licences, bank cards. Record key insurance information (receipts, photos) to prepare yourself in the event of loss, set reminders for policy renewal. Create onscreen and PDF reports for insurance, warranty claims and save reports to cloud storage apps as a backup. Tag personal possessions against insurance policies to estimate insurance cover or sum insured values.

Get yourself covered for all your priced possessions at one place with this cool app. A must have for travel.

Open Table

With OpenTable App there are lot of features you get access to for your dinning experiences. Discover, explore, reserve, and manage restaurant reservations free and instantly anytime, anywhere. As the global leader in restaurant reservations, OpenTable’s app helps you discover new restaurants; view menus, reviews, and photos to prepare for your next delicious meal. Reserve instantly and for free at restaurants for whom you can check pictures and reviews. Search and find restaurants by preference party size, date, time, cuisine, price, or distance. Get rewarded with points while dining out at restaurants and save on future meals. Change, cancel, and re-book your reservations on the go. And get to share your experience and help others by placing your reviews on places you've been to.


With Tripoto you get excess to real travel experiences. Videos, Pictures, detailed experiences and recommendations of people who have been there before you. You can do the same leave your videos, pictures, detailed experiences and recommendations for others to see. Search for destination you are planning to visit and get all the detailed info at your disposal. Discover real travel itineraries written by real travellers, with real route maps, photos and guides. Create your own travel blog in the world's largest community of travel bloggers and share your travel experiences and trips with millions of travellers in the world.


App is for quickly and easily booking a hotel room for tonight. Great for last minute plans or cancellations. Save yourself from hiked prices at last minute bookings with Hoteltonight App. If we got out and try to book hotel at the moment it is gonna cost way more than normal, this problem is solved by this wonderful app. Book a room in just 10 seconds in any category Basic, Hip and Luxe. Highlights the best driving-distance getaways and places for the weekend ahead or for that very night. Also comes with feature GeoRates that score you extra savings off our already-discounted rates.

While this app is for hotel booking if you want to have last minute stay at hosts place ( people who rent out part of their house or independent house to tourists ) then there an app for that too named OVERNIGHT.

With this app you will have to request a place to stay tonight for up to 5 nights. Hosts have 10 minutes to respond. Pay safely through the app. Hosts have undergone Govt. verification's and all other necessary work done for your safety. 24 hour customer support with ​real, nice and happy people.

Flyer Rights is a non-profit airline consumer organization that represents passenger rights. App helps inform passengers about what their rights are, new laws, key contacts like airline numbers, government agencies, and media outlets, and safety information like what to do if you are ever stranded on a tarmac. Comes in handy in the time of need.

Next Flight

Next Flight is a great app to have during those times when you either miss a flight or want to check if a more convenient flight time is available. You’ll be able to enter your flight itinerary and then will be shown a list of available flights for that day as well as the two days following. Great App to find flight alternative when you missed out on your flight.



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    • Ramona27 profile image

      Ramona 18 months ago

      Yaa looks good.... Did u had any expereince with that ??

    • profile image

      rollercoaster 18 months ago

      I would also add a decent navigational app Spyglass. It works great when offline, assuming that you pre-open the maps that you need in advance. It shows your accurate coordinates and your current position on a map, allows to mark locations and waypoints, share your locations with friends and much more.