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Updated on February 24, 2017

Bear Grylls, A Real Hero. A man who can survive in any environment. From Worst mangrove forest to dry Sahara desert he can live anywhere around the Globe.He is a real hero and his stubborn attitude of living in any bad to the worst condition is outstanding. You got stuck in any inhuman place but if you got Bear Grylls in your company, then don’t worry you will enjoy the trip. The most important thing about Bear is, He can eat anything and It means 'Anything!'. Beyond your imagination, he can eat whatever comes in his way. A Giant alligator, Rattlesnake, Elephant Poo, Yuk! But this can save your life.

At the age just 23, He stands up on the top of Mount Everest, 18 months after crushing three of his vertebra after a parachute malfunction. I have made a list of 10 weird eat by Bear Grylls which he did on his journey to the worst places on Earth.




He was in Kenya where he encountered a dead body of zebra which is being eaten up by a vulture. After researching of the dead body he figured out that it is a drinkable food and then he cut the piece of meat from his body and start eating it.

Bear Grylls - "Even though it doesn’t taste magical, this is the best chance of me to getting the protein."




He was in Romania forest in Central or Southeast Europe. When he encountered a pile of bear poo, he searched it and then pierced it and rinsed out a piece of apple and then start eating it.

Bear Grylls - "Pretty sharp. A bit like somebody's got your apple core and smeared it in dog poo. But, it could save your life."



Surviving in the inhuman places is not an easy stuff, you have to do anything to be alive and it includes cruel hunting. Bear was roaming on the ice where he encountered a reindeer, he killed it and drinks his blood and then stabs his heart and eats it on the spot! That really needs to have guts to do this act. Killing an animal is not good but you have to do this to be alive.




Bear was hunting for water in the forest of Kenya, but there is no river or any source of water in that dense forest. The wild man found a fresh elephant crap, and he uses a survival trick he has shown by an old ranger, drinking the fluid from fresh elephant crap. He picks up the elephant waste loaf, squeezes it and drops the juice right into his mouth.

Bear- "It is pretty disgusting but it could save your life."



It is said that 'in the battle of survival, you've gotta has a strong stomach' and hence proved by Bear. He was in the ice cold weather of Siberia and eats a yak's eyeball! He took his knife and cut out the dead yak's eye and fluid bursts into his mouth.


Zambia, South Africa:

Bear was digging a large stem of a dead tree in search of some tiny larva. But after eating a small one, He found a big larva which is bigger and also fatter than my thumb! But what bear finds in it is a food enriched in proteins.

He exclaims-"Oh, my goodness! This one has been living in here a very, very long time. I am not gonna need to eat for a week after this."



Sahara Desert:

While roaming in the world's largest forest, Bear found a dead camel and now you know what will happens next, He pierced the camel skin and drinks the camel's side stomach water. And when the water is not sufficient he cuts his intestine and put the undigested food, squeezes it and yellows drops were going right into his mouth!

3. PEE


The Kimberley, Western Australia:

This man can do anything for survival and this can be proved when he drink his own pee! After struggling in a burning heat and having no source of water available nearby, he says- " I'm getting low on water and the only thing I can do is drink my own pee, this is I've never done and I'm expecting it to be pretty horrible." And another awful thing is that he puts his pee in a bottle made up of rattle snake's skin!

Bear- "Gah, there is no getting away from it, that really is pretty horrible. It's like warm and salty, and it's not...not my favourite."



Sahara Desert:

It is traditional for the local people of North America called Berber men to eat goat's testicles. Bear himself called this as his worst meal in an interview, "I remember the goat testicles just melting into a mouthful of sperm." and there would be no doubt in this because it causes Bear to dry retching.

Bear-"They are thought to enhance the fertility and its certainly going to be a test of my manhood."



This is the most painful meal of bear. Though, this doesn't involve bear eating with his mouth, but with his back passage. When Bear is struggling in a small boat in the world's largest ocean. He has nothing to drink but bird poo tainted water that can't be consumed orally. The survivor gives himself a life-saving enema which is a rehydrating technique through back passage. Which follows a series of painful noises.

Bear- "I guess all you can do is lie back and think of England."


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    • Fahad ansari12 profile imageAUTHOR

      fahad ansari 

      3 years ago from Greater Noida

      Thanks! for giving your time to my hub.

    • m abdullah javed profile image

      muhammad abdullah javed 

      3 years ago

      Very informative and interesting Hub Fahad, great job.


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