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Most Haunted Places In America: Part 1

Updated on March 28, 2015

There are hundreds, maybe even thousands of places in America that are said to be haunted. But I have made a 4 part series of the most haunted places in America.

Waverly Hills Sanitorium. Louisville, Ky

Waverly hills like most hospitals has an extremely gruesome past. The hospital opened in 1910, it was opened due to the outbreak of tuberculosis. There have been many encounters people have had with the paranormal in this sanitarium. One of the spirits thought to haunt is a nurse named Mary Hillenberg. It was said Mary committed suicide in 1928, but come to find out she was pregnant with a doctors baby. The doctor was already married and had murdered Mary and made it look like a suicide. That is only one spirit, there are countless others. Many people have claimed that they have recorded something that sounded like someone coughing. Which would definitely fit considering all the people that died from tuberculosis. Waverly hills was closed in 1962, just imagine the deaths in a place like this in 34 years.

Alcatraz. San Fransisco, Ca

Alcatraz is an island that is home to what was once one of the harshest federal prisons to date. It housed some of the most notorious prisoners one of the most famous being notorious gangster Al "scarface" capone. The prison was nicknamed the rock and no one ever escaped, although more than a dozen attempts happen over the years. The prison was shut down in 1963 due to high operating costs. Now it is a very famous tourist attraction and an obsession with ghost hunters all over the world.

Eastern State Penitentiary

Eastern State Penitentiary is said to be one of the most haunted places in the world. It opened its doors in 1829, the prison was designed to hold 253 prisoners. What was different about this prison is that each inmate was in individual solitary confinement cells their entire sentence. This in turn had turned many of its prisoners insane. One of Eastern states most famous inmates was none other than Al Capone, who served 8 months for carrying a concealed deadly weapon. Although Eastern State Penitentiary did not carry out executions, there were many deaths that took place. Many deaths were the result of murders, two guards have even been murdered on the grounds. Other were from disease and old age. In other words it is no wonder there is said to be many spirits that still roam the halls.


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