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10 Places You Didn't Know Existed

Updated on April 18, 2014

The world is the second largest planet within orbit, bearing a surface area 196,939,900 square miles. Although many believe the earth is very small, it is truly very large, and for that reason many are unaware of some of the most unusual places, upon it. For that reason, I have made a top ten list of what I believe is some of the most unusual places. But you should not take my word for it, I don't know all that are out there, nor do I know the history that surrounds that area. Feel free to leave comments, of your favorite places. Who knows I might just mention it in the future.

1. Anti Gravity Secret of coral castle


For thousands of decades, man has questioned not only the placement, but the construction in which the great pyramids were once constructed. Possible the answer, could be located within the United States, or more pacifically in Homestead, Florida. Edward Leedskalnin, was a short man who stood merely five feet tall, and weighed less than a sack of potatoes. But none the less, Edward was a marvelous man, and a great architect, that had spent time, money, and little strength, to build a marvelous wonder. For in Homestead, stands Coral Castle, a divine wonder that Edward had constructed by himself. Many have wondrous how Edward, had achieved such a stunt, considering the coral weighed at the lest eleven hundred ton's per piece. The placing of the stones accrued because of nothing more than simple man-made tool's. One of the more fabulous wonders, of Coral Castle, is a revolving door that is so easy to move, that a young child could easily push it. Edward, was a devoted 33 degree stone Freemason, who had devoted his life to his masterpiece. He kept his secrets by working at night, and by himself, although occasionally a fellow brother might go with him, but just to on look. One night a fellow brother had accompanied him, with his black and white reeled camera. One of these photo's shows Edward working, and lifting the coral stones. By nothing more than three telephone poles, which was at one time connected to a chain hoist. Upon the top of the host, sat a small wooden box. Coming out of the box is a wire cable, drooping down, towards the ground. What was inside of the box remains a mystery, but what is known is that there was steps, up to the box. There was one other photograph, of Edward inside of a building that consisted of magnets. This photograph, leaves us with puzzlement, until we read Edwards book upon magnetic current. Within Edwards book, he speaks of the world being based off of each magnet. Edward believed that the center of the earth, has a magnetic charge,which allows objects to get held down, through south and north pole magnets. By turning these magnets off, it would be dismantling gravity. Is this how the pyramids, and coral castle had at one time been built ? No one will ever know.....

2.Burning Man

Evey year there is a ritual that is preformed within the Black Rock Dessert of Nevada, called the burning man. This festival is held from the last Monday in August, and ends on the first Monday of September. This ritual is of occultist nature, and supports the burning of an effigy.

3.Hola, Como estas?


The Mexican Riviera, is one of the most beautiful beaches in Mexico. Where the margarita's, are most elegant in taste of fresh coconut's, with a zest of lime. Where the music plays, a delightful arrangement of the mariachi. Upon the shores, are sand that is over whelming with sun bathed warmth, and colonial textured, beach front hotels. The Mexican Riviera, offers sports fishing, upon the pacific coast, as well as great stores. Perfect place, for a romantic honeymoon.

4.Bomb of a Sale

The heart of the cold war, had brought forth a great change. One of these changes, went unknown until recently. When a 120 feet underground, 60 mile bunker, went upon the reality block. This bunker, was first built for the king of England, along with his noble servants, and trusted government officials, or up to 4,000 individuals at one time. Evidence remains such as, office chairs, and type writers, are left untouched, from the first day they had arrived.. According to BBC " The bunker appears normal, on top. But once you get bellow it's a village".

5. Pluto's Gates To Hell

In March of 2013, an archaeological site had finally been located within southwest Turkey, this site is known as the gates of hell. The gates of hell was only known to exist within Greek mythology, as a type of portal, into the underworld. During the reign of the Greek empire, it would have been almost similar to Hell, and for that reason,we acknowledged this site as the gates of hell. This spot once produced noxious fumes, and although time has progressed, it still gives off these noxious fumes. These fumes are so strong, that if a bird flies through it, the bird will instantly fall to the ground and die.

6. Abandoned Pripyat


The year of 1986, would start with joyful opportunities, or at lest for those who lived in Pripyat, a city within the SSR. This joyful attitude was due to the job market increasing, through the new nuclear power planet. But that joy would end abruptly, as of April 26, 1986, for upon that reactor number four had suffered a catastrophic power increase, which lead to explosions within the inner core, which had caused it to melt. Immediately after, a very large-sized whole, was penetrated through the side of the building. This blast of radiation, rapidly spread across the western region of the soviet union, and parts of Europe. According to specialist, this area will remain unsafe for 20,000 years.

7. Not Your Normal Summer Camp

Despite popular belief, FEMA camps for US citizens is not unusual. Within Americas past, there have been two separate cases of US citizens being placed within camps. The first of which, took place upon the Native Americans. The second happened, during WWII to those of Chinese heritage. It its important to find the site, of your closest FEMA camp. But to also have an emergency plan in process, for your family.

8. Jumping Inside of a Fairy Tale

Have you ever wondered what it would be like, to jump inside of a storybook? Well apparently you're not alone, so did the people who created Storybook Land theme park. The theme park is separated into themed sections that include, Land Castle, Mother Goose, Little Red Schoolhouse, Santa house, The Crooked house, The Easter Bunny's House, Little Red Riding Hood, The Merry Miller, Mistress Mary's Garden, Moby Dick, Seven Dwarf's House, Old Lady Who Lived in a Shoe, Birthday Cake, and finally.. Goldilocks & The Three Bears. Along with enjoyable rides like the carousel, J & J Railroad Train, Balloon Ride, Whirlie Bug, Happy Dragon,Bubbles the Roller Coaster, Rocking Tug, Olde Tymers, Turtle Twirl, and the Jumping Jumbo's. Along with several parks, places to eat, and restrooms of course. The park has honored a time old tradition, since 1955.

9. The Impossible, Stairs of Penrose

Lionel Penrose, and son Roger Penrose, are the creators of the impossible. Well, the impossible staircase at least. The impossible staircase is a two-dimensional, depiction of a staircase. Where you believe that you are moving forward's, or backwards, depending on which way you choose. Although as stated, it is merely a belief, your not truly ascending nor are you descending, but only moving around a mere loop. The best example is at Rochester Institute of Technology, in New York. Where it has startled students, ever since 1968.

10. Christ of the Abyss


Located within the Mediterranean sea, is a statue of Jesus. In 1947 Guido Gilletti, a famous artist created the statute, out of brass. Despite popular belief of the statue being flawed, then thrown to the sea. The placing of statues is a requiring theme of art.


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