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8 Reasons to Visit Kenya

Updated on April 24, 2019
Amboseli National Park
Amboseli National Park | Source
Mountain | Source

Visit Kenya

Kenya is a wonderful land of beautiful people, beautiful animals, and a beautiful map. Kenya is specially located. The so-called equator, which is said to be somewhere in the mid of earth, cuts in the middle of Kenya. She has experienced quite a number of upheavals over the years but a state of tranquility generally looms over her most of the time. Like any other country, she has seen a fair amount of lunatics, political fanatics and critics too. Kenya, as a touristic destination, never fails because of these:

Love and hospitality

Kenyans are a hospitable lot. As much as they have some trivial tribalism, owing to the 43 tribes and even more sub-tribes, they have a thing for visitors from other countries and continents. They treat visitors with respect and offer them food. They were colonized by the British, but their forgiving hearts still welcome them gladly and willingly. They love to share their country with other people. Never have their been acts of xenophobia. Many races reside here, especially the Asians. Some have made Kenya their permanent home. Some have found interracial love. This country is definitely a choice if you are looking for a foreign spouse.


Dormant volcanic mountains, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, plateaus, beaches and the Indian ocean are some unique natural features in this beautiful country. Numerous man-made features have come up over the years: five-star hotels, casinos, huge restaurants, and clubs. There are many historical sites too, which have meaning for the natives and interesting stories surrounding them. The Fort Jesus tower is one such building situated in the coastal area of Kenya. Have you ever heard of Vasco da Gama? He has a pillar named after him over here. There is also a crying stone at a place known as Kakamega, in the Western part of Kenya (Quite near the equator.) Not only is there the calm, serene environment but also there are the magnificent landscapes ogle at and take photos of.


Museums are found all over the country, mostly showing historical artifacts, artistic treasures, Kenya's culture, and natural gems. The Nairobi Museum is right at the capital city and the Kisumu museum at the lakeside city is just a few minutes drive from the town center. National archives is a building in the city center which holds vital information about Kenya's history through the struggle for independence.

National Parks

National Parks are habitats to many animal and plant species. To get in touch with nature, these parks are the best choice. Kenya has the privilege of hosting all the big five animals, living in the same area. Maasai-mara national park is the most famous of them all. It is situated in a semi-arid area of Narok county. The parks extend over a large area of land thus there are both public and private tour vans available to take people around.


Seasons are not a thing for Kenya she only has weather. Or what is locally classified as Dry season and wet season. The term used to describe the overall climate due to the prevalence of farming. There is planting season and the harvesting season. Kenyans do not have winter, summer, autumn spring seasons. Being a tropical country, the only snow is at the top of Mt. Kenya. It is generally a warm country, especially in areas that lie near the equator.


Unfortunately, terrorists have targeted Kenya in the recent years. These attacks occurred near the borders or in Nairobi. It is safe enough to visit other places that are not near the borders of Somali, Sudan, and Ethiopia. There are many remote and exotic places to visit in Kenya. Areas, where the population is very low like in rural areas, are good places to visit.

Innovations and creations

Kenya is the pioneer of mobile money services by the major phone service provider. Safaricom. It is known as the M-Pesa service. It took the country by storm and greatly influenced the ease and speed of electronic money services. It shows how intelligent people are facilitating the economic growth of this country. Kenyans are creatives: from basket weavers, furniture designers, sculpture carvers, bead and jewelry makers to painters and artists, to exemplary writers and literature gurus. Art exhibitions are carried out in specific p[laces in the major towns, such as at the Alliance Française, Nairobi.


Apart from outstanding architecture and luxurious hotels, Kenya has slums. The largest one is the Kibera or 'Kibra' slum which extends over a vast area of Nairobi such that it is divided into phases. Most people who live here live below 'a dollar a day.' They live in poor shacks and are prone to adverse health hazards, and social injustices. Some charity organizations have set up here to help improve the lives of these people. So Kenya is also a good place for charity organizations to find beneficiaries.

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