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10 Strange and Unusual Things to See and Do in Pennsylvania

Updated on June 18, 2012

Every state has its share of tourist attractions and interesting things to see. Pennsylvania has famous attractions such as the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia and Carnegie Science Museum in Pittsburgh. These are attractions that most people visiting those cities would know about but just like any other state Pennsylvania has a number of weird and offbeat attractions that many tourists may not know about. This list is not an exhaustive one, there probably are a number of other weird places in Pennsylvania that are lesser known that can be found and there are a number of weird attractions that I have come across that I don't find as intriguing as the ten that I have listed here. These are my top ten weird places to see and visit in the state of Pennsylvania.


In Adamstown, Pennsylvania there is a museum dedicated completely to toy robots. Robotic attractions are common in almost every state in the union but this may be the only museum that you can find that will show you the history of robot toys, from Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots to Transformers and all the lesser known robots in between. It is located at 9 Market Plaza, Adamstown, PA.


One of the more famous attractions of this list, the Mütter Museum is one of those musuems of weird medical oddities that you can find in the United States. The attractions are the kind of things you might find in Ripley's Believe It or Not. Attractions like the skull of a horned woman and a giant human colon with forty pounds of fecal matter may not appeal to everybody but it is one of Philadelphia's weirdest attractions. it is located at 19 S. 22nd St., Philadelphia, PA


Also in Pennsylvania you can see the re-creation of an 18th century Castle at the Mercer Museum. One of the more interesting things that are on site to see there is a recreation of an 18th century gallows with all the torture implements that would have been used during that period. The museum is located at 84 South Pine Street Doylestown, PA.


The next attraction to be added is an entire town. The annual Groundhog Day event is fairly famous by itself but few people know that the town of Punxsutawney can be an interesting trip to take year round. Many of the businesses and attractions have a Groundhog theme and fans of the Bill Murray movie Groundhog Day can explore that film's setting.


In Philadelphia is one of the nation's historic prisons and tours can be taken of the facilities. The prison has been turned into a tourist attraction and even hosts regular events, like the Terror Behind the Walls, Halloween events. Even visiting the prison anytime of year can be a little spooky. The prison is located at 2027 Fairmount Road.


At 780 Falcon Circle in Warminster, Pennsylvania is a science museum but what separates this one from others all over the country is having the world's largest Human Centrifuge. The centrifuge was used to train astronauts at NASA and has now been moved here. There is no opportunity to actually ride it but you can get your picture taken sitting in the same cab that many astronauts have sat in.


This may only appeal to a small audience, but Pennsylvania is also the home of the United States only museum dedicated to The Three Stooges. The museum has attracted a number of movie buffs and critics from all over the country and contains a variety of stooges memorabilia and souvenirs. It is located at 904 Sheble Lane, Ambler, PA. 990404 S Ln., Ambler, PA


In Kecksburg, Pennsylvania in 1965 there was a famous UFO incident that was seen in Michigan and Ohio but supposedly landed in Kecksburg. The show Unsolved Mysteries constructed a "replica" of the UFO that now is erected in the town. A lot of people think it looks like a giant acorn but I think it looks more like a beehive. It could be found at 5123 Water St., Kecksburg, PA.


At 1704 Harpster Street, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is St. Anthony's Chapel, which has the largest number of Catholic relics outside of the Vatican. Many of the relics show amazing craftsmanship and will be of interest to lovers of art even if they don't happen to be Catholic.


A good place to take Kids is the Crayola Factory at 30 Centre Square in Easton, PA. The factory has a number of programs, groups and workshops, tickets of which can be purchased online. Just a tour of the factory can be a fun experience, with many interesting crayon themes attractions.


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