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10 Things Made in Australia You Didn’t Know

Updated on November 25, 2015
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John Huynh is a writer from Melbourne Australia. He graduated from business school at Victoria University with majors in information systems

Here are 10 things made in Australia that you didn’t know. These 10 great inventions changed the world we live in and shows the world what a clever bunch Australians really are. Aussies are very inventive people.

The black box

The aircraft black box is one of Australia’s greatest invention in aviation. This little orange unit also known as the flight recorder is located inside the back of an aircraft. The black box is a critical piece of information for any aircraft in an emergency or air accident. The black box as it’s known in Australia, was invented by Australian engineer David Warren at the Defense Science and Technology in Melbourne. The black box is a mandatory piece of equipment installed in all modern day aircraft. Without this great and clever invention, modern day aviation would not be where it is today. The black box changed the history of aviation with the ability to record all avionic, flight data and other vital and critical information inside an aircraft. The black box played a vital role in the investigation of tragic loss of the Malaysian flight MH17 in Eastern Ukraine. This amazing invention by the Australians prove that we Aussies are one clever bunch of people.

Tommy Emmanuel

Tommy Emmanuel is a proud Australian made product born in Australia. He is an Australia virtuoso guitarist endorsed by the guitar company Maton. Tommy Emmanuel is extremely gifted and talented, he is our very own Tommy Emmanuel. A Grammy Award winner and a local all-time favorite, Tommy Emmanuel is loved in Australia and all across the world for his incredible acoustic guitar playing skills and music composition skills. He has performed in the Sydney Olympic closing ceremony in 2000 and also performed with many other renowned musicians in Australian and around the world. He is best of the best, top of the top on the acoustic guitar and played with some of the worlds best in music. He has performed with Chet Atkins, Les Paul, Martin Taylor and the great Eric Clapton just to name a few. With over 28 studio albums he is indeed the best acoustic guitarist. Tommy Emmanuel is Australian made, born in New South Wales and is a proud Australian.


Vegemite is an all-time Australian favorite. Made in Australia by Kraft Foods, this dark brown spread is made from yeast extract and is used as a spread for bread and biscuits. The spread was developed in Melbourne Australia in 1922 by a gentleman named Cyril P. Callister. Another favorite with the famous spread is having vegemite of toast with butter, one which will make your mouth water, it’s addictive. Vegemite is a proud Australian made product which is unlike any other because no one else makes vegemite like the Australians do. This is a famous spread which is salty, bitter and quiet tasty with crackers or biscuits. Vegemite is produced at Kraft Foods in Port Melbourne with over 22 million jars manufactured every year. Vegemite is rich in B vitamins, riboflavin, folic acid and thiamine. The famous spread is made famous by the jingle entitled “We’re happy little Vegemites.”

The Australian army slouch hat

The Australian army slouch hat is something quiet unique. It is a very distinct hat unlike any other army ceremonial hat in the world. The slouch hat is also known as the “digger hat” it’s an Australian solider hat. Made by the Akubra Company based in Tasmania, this hat reflects on the Australia army with its green color and rising sun badge. The slouch hat was designed so that the hat itself could be folded so that the rifle was not obstructing the hat while marching and doing drill. This hat is so unique the Australian army is the only army in the world with the rights to use this hat. Every Australian solider who graduates from boot camp is awarded the slouch hat and this digger hat is a proud Australian made hat which represents the Australian army. This hat is a special hat, it is the Australian army’s hat and it’s made here in Australia.


Maton is an Australian guitar manufacturer which makes high quality acoustic and electric guitars. The name Maton was formed from the words “May Tone” and became Maton. Maton is a high quality acoustic guitar manufacturer and makes guitars out of quality Australian wood. One of the well-known guitars it is known for producing is the Tommy Emmanuel signature acoustic guitar, one of their top selling guitars. Based in Melbourne Australia, this guitar company has been producing guitars since 1946 by jazz musician Bill May. Other renowned musicians using Maton guitars include Justin Sandercoe, Murray Cook from the Wiggles, and Josh Homme from Queen of the Stone Age and Colin Hay from Men at Work. Maton is a premier guitar brand that stands shoulder to shoulder with Taylor, Martin and Cole Clark. The great thing about Maton is its Australian made and owned. Try out an Australian made Maton and hear the sound of Australian wood.

The bionic ear

The bionic ear is a great invention made by the Australian scientist Professor Graeme Clark. This little device changed the lives of many people with a hearing loss and continues to be a lifesaver for many people with hearing disabilities. Professor Clark also known as the “Father” of cochlear implants; designed this little device which fits into the ear of the hearing impaired giving new life to those with hearing loss. This little device has changed the lives of over 200,000 worldwide and continues to change lives. This ground breaking technology has also opened up the door for many other ground breaking research in audiology and health science. The bionic ear has also led to the discovery of other audio innovations. Some of these innovations include advanced treatments for vision and hearing loss. The bionic ear is a ground breaking device made by the Australians and shows that we Aussies are one smart bunch of people from down under.


Wi-Fi was develop by the Australian CSIRO which developed the standards for Wi-Fi. The CSIRO which stands for (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation) is an Australian federal government agency responsible for scientific research and discoveries in Australia. Wi-Fi was developed by leading Australian electrical engineer Dr John O’Sullivan who led to the invention of wireless LAN. The CSIRO is the peak scientific agency in Australia which lead the invention of Wi-Fi and changed the world on wireless networking connection. This discovery and invention of Wi-Fi revolutionized the world networking. Wi-Fi has been a game changer in wireless networking and continues to evolve with new ground breaking research. From Bluetooth to gigabit wireless, Wi-Fi is the future of networking for all gadget lovers big and small. It is hard not to find Wi-Fi floating around somewhere in a local coffee shop, at home or at the office. Wi-Fi is everywhere. These Aussie scientists created wireless technology that changed the world.

The humble meat pie

The humble meat pie is an Australian classic. The best part about the humble meat pie is its Australian made. From AFL (Australian Football League) matches to soccer matches right through to rugby games, the humble meat pie is an all-time favorite. The humble meat pie has its history deeply rooted in Australian culture with the famous pie being sold at school tuck shops, sporting stadiums, cafes and many more. This humble meat pie is also a staple for many Australians, a favorite for lunch and tea; it’s definitely an Australian favorite for all occasions. Patties Foods, the makers of FourN’ twenty meat pies has produced the pie for over 60 years and continues to be an Aussie pie of choice. With Australians consuming over 270 million meat pies every year, this humble meat pie is Australia’s national food of choice. Grab a meat pie, throw on some tomato sauce and take a bite.

Cervical cancer vaccine (Gardasil)

Gardasil is a lifesaving vaccine for women of all ages, this great invention by the Australian scientist Professor Ian Frazer has help prevent the HPV (human papillomavirus). Gardasil as it’s known, saves the lives of many young women from cervical cancer and other types of HPV in women.

Cervical cancer is one of the leading causes of death in women, the vaccine is a game changer for this horrible cancer. This lifesaving vaccine made in Australia shows that Australians scientists are at the leading front of medical and scientific research. Australia has some of the best researchers in the world. From breast cancer to cervical cancer, Australians have been at the front of all cancer research and discoveries. Gardasil is a major breakthrough in cervical cancer and HPV, and is now a vaccine that saves the lives of many women across the world. Aussies are an inventive bunch of people and are very clever.

Fosters Beer

Fosters beer is a proud Australian invention. Fosters beer is an Australian beer company which produces beer and lager. Once Australian owned, Fosters beer is now owned by the South African beer company SABMiller. This beer is still Australia’s favorite beer with millions of Aussies drinking this famous beer every year. From the humble steel can to the bottled beer, Fosters is one of the top selling beers in Australia. The beer’s malty flavors and fruity taste is balanced with a crisp and clean finish. Over the decades, this famous Australian beer has appeared on the television commercials right through to advertisements on billboards and newspapers. Fosters beer is an Aussie favorite and continues to be one of the most consumed beers in Australia. Fosters beer is exported across the world with around 500 mega liters sold every year. Fosters beer continues to be an all-time favorite during public holidays, weekends or just having a BBQ with friends.

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