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10 Things You Should Know about Canada

Updated on August 23, 2012

Canada is the land of milk and honey. Who said that? It depends on how do you interpret this phrase in your own perspective. As a second largest country next to Russia, Canada is definitely need human power to occupy the land. And if you want to visit, travel or live in Canada, here's some points that you must know for your own advantage.

1. The capital of Canada is not Ontario, but Ottawa. Many people sometimes mistaken with this fact. Ottawa is, according to many people who visited the place, boring. What boring means to them may not be boresome to you. So don't be swayed. It is the city of canals, which often compared to Venice, according to poets and painters.

2. Canada's official language is French, if you're in Quebec. "Parlez-vouz Francais?". And yeah, English too. French and English are the countries official language. If you can see English and French languages at the same time on your favorite box of cereals, don't wonder. It is official. Those who will teach French in Toronto should speak French too. Spanish? Never mind.

3. Canada's favorite leaf is maple leaf. It's Canada's best-known symbol. If you can see maple leaf on people's mittens, and everywhere, then you know. It is also in Canada's National Flag. You will not get lost in memorizing it, it is everywhere when you look.

4. Canada has 14 or more official holidays. I actually don't know what's the meaning of most of it, but I absolutely love it, because it means--"long weekend". There's even, Family Day too in most provinces.

5. Canada has four seasons, Winter, cold, snow and freezing (just kidding). It's Winter, spring, summer and fall. Usually, since the trend of global warming began, Canada, Toronto in particular, hasn't experienced that much snow in last few years. I usually loved fall, the change of leaves color is absolutely fascinating.

6. Size in Canada matters. If you want to go to a mall, it will take you one hour and more to get there. Each places in Canada is far. If you want to go to the city hall, you have to spend more time sitting on the bus and on the train.

7. You should know about Margaret Atwood, the Queen of Canadian Literature. You should read her books too. Really!

8. There are 10 provinces in Canada namely: Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward's Island , Newfoundland and Labrador, Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia. And there are 3 Territories: Yukon, Northwest Territories, Nunavut. Half of it are freeze with snow.

9. You should know that "Oh Canada", the country's National Anthem is easier to learn. If you can sing it well like, "Tada da da, da da da da da", you are officially learning to be a Canadian.

10. One of Canada's official animal symbol is none other than "beaver". If you meet a beaver somewhere in Canada, it is customary to bow your head at it. You can actually see it on Canadian's nickel, five cent .


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    • juneaukid profile image

      Richard Francis Fleck 5 years ago from Denver, Colorado

      Thanks for this hub. My favorite part of Canada is French Canada in Quebec and Nouveau Brunswick. But the ruggedness of the Canadian Rockies is like no other place of Earth!