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10 Things you should pack when you travel

Updated on October 17, 2009

10 things to pack when you travel

With all the hassle of traveling these days I thought that I would try to find ten items which should be taken with you when you travel. The order is random but I have included ten items that will all fit in your hand luggage so as to avoid having to put a bag in the hold and so quicken up your departure from the airport, this may also save you some money as some airlines are starting to charge for hold luggage. What you will have to remember is the weight and size restrictions placed on carry on bags.

Item No 1, A Laptop

Today your laptop is invaluable as a traveling companion. Not only may it give you something to do while traveling but when you are away it might save you money from using VOIP or just with using e-mail, a great tool for keeping you in touch with the world at home. Ca.n be combines with item No 10

Item No 2 Travel Toothbrush and paste.

A travel tooth brush with paste will be found useful to those around you, those sitting next to you will not be pleased with smelly breath.

Item No. 3, Your Ticket

It may seem obviouse but many times I have seen people arrive at the airport to ask "Have you got the tickets?" I am sur it also happens at Sea ports and train stations. Maybe not so important now days as we move over to electronic tickets, but with this item no. 4 has added importance.

Item No. 4 Your Passport.

Another item which is easy to forget in the haste of packing and leaving home or the hotel. Did you check that the safe deposit box in your room was open and empty before leaving? Today it has added importance as you need some form of identification with electronic tickets, so even if you are traveling internaly make sure you have your passport or some form of identification witha a photo. For some countries you also have to make sure you have 6 months validity left on your passport or you could be denied entry.

Item No. 5 Money

Money can come in verry handy when traveling. Along with credit cards and travelers checks carry some cash, if you can get a little in the local currency. The three things I always try and ask myself before I leave home is have I got my Tickets, Passport and money, if you have these three things you should be OK traveling.

Item No 6 A "T" shirt or shirt.

A spare shirt can save embaresment if the Flight attendants hands are a little shaky and you end up with your inflight refreshment all down your front.

Item No 7 Spare Underware

A change of underware can also save embarresment and increas comfort. Nothing worse than having to continue to ware the same undies after an accidental follow through. This becomes even more important on the return journey after eating dodgy forign food to which your stomach is not esed. Especially important on longer trips.

Item No 8 A Book

Something to help the time go by for those unforseen not our fault delays, this is replacable by a magazine, newspaper or whatever is your favourite tiple for your eyes.

Item No 9 Paper tissues

It can be verry embarising when you sneez and have snot on your face and nothing handy to wipe it away. Wet wipes are a suitable alternative.

Item No. 10 Mobile Phone

As is the case with item No 1, a phone is verry important to the modern traveler. With some airlines you can even check in using your phone. Some phones can cary your money, a modern phone is also often a camera, video, music entertainment center and has acces to the internet. Verry clever machines now days and invailuable when traveling in order to tell whoever is collecting you when to be at the arrival point or the amount of the delay.

Hope that this helps.

So I hope that this helps next time you travel, not an all inclusive list but a list non the less.

If you are looking for cheap travel options try some of the links on this page.


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