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10 Unique Destinations: Kentucky

Updated on April 27, 2018
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Rachel Wesley is an American author and online freelance writer. She writes for several online businesses and has published two books.

Welcome to Kentucky

Whether planning a visit to Kentucky or just looking for some of the state's more off the beaten path attractions, traveling has never been more fun. Following these examples adventurers can expect to find themselves in many different types of places; all of which showcase Kentucky's rich history, ties to the civil war, and the place that Abraham Lincoln said, "I hope to have God on my side, but I must have Kentucky." and "I think to lose Kentucky is nearly the same as to lose the whole game." It is clear that Kentucky was an important state, and here are some of the lesser known hidden gems within it.

10. The Strange Procession Which Never Moves

The Strange Procession Which Never Moves – Named after the eerie vibe the old monument gives off. It was commissioned in 1892 by Colonel Henry Wooldridge for the many important things he lost during his lifetime.

The monument, which sits cordoned off to itself due to attempted looting/grave-robbing, sits within the Maplewood Cemetery in Mayfield, Ky. Many people felt the Colonel had simply sunk his money into an unworthy cause and tried to steal any riches they could find within.

It holds an odd presence that most people explain as a “creeped out” feeling. It consists of several animals that were important to Wooldridge, his mother, and siblings. Though the place has many statues, Wooldridge is the only soul to have been laid to rest there.

9. Pope Lick Trestle Bridge

Pope Lick Trestle Bridge – Believed to be home to the infamous Pope Lick Monster. This trestle, nearly 100 feet above Pope Lick Creek, was built in the late 1800s.

Still standing strong and in use, the Pope Lick Trestle is officially blocked off and signs of “No Trespassing” can be seen around the area. Most of the time thrill seekers and ghost hunters will ignore these warnings and make the long climb to the top of the bridge to see if they can spot the famous monster.

Some legends say that the Pope Lick Monster calls to people from atop the trestle to lure them up, where they are then either hit by a train or fall the 100 feet to their death. It isn’t known whether they jump of their own free will or are thrown off the bridge.

8. Historic RailPark and Train Museum

Historic RailPark and Train Museum – Set up inside the historic Louisville and Nashville railroad station, the museum is a set of train cars, equipment, and other train and railway station memorabilia.

Visiting any time of year is a wonderful and learning experience; however, visiting in October is a little extra special.

During October the rail park and museum employees set up an interesting event. There is a haunted lantern tour complete with “ghosts” and spooky fun. It is a great place to see some of the state’s history while having a creepy time as well.

7. Kentucky's Stonehenge

Kentucky's Stonehenge - Before anyone visits this area it is important to mention that the sculptures are located in someone's yard. Interested people are allowed to park and go walk around, as long as they don't climb up on the rocks. There is no admission fee charged.

This is a beautiful area on a large amount of acreage. Kentucky's Stonehenge is not the only rock formation creation on the 1000 acres, though. Feel free to mosey around to the Rock Gardens, the Garden of Gethsemane, Rock Park, Earth Mysteries, or Twisted rock.

Needless to say, there is a lot to do here including sightseeing and exploring. The Kentucky Stonehenge is set up identical to Ireland's Stonehenge, making guests feel like they have taken a trip to Ireland.

6. Chained Rock

Chained Rock - In order to drum up some tourism to their little town of Pineville Ky. The townsfolk went up onto Pine Mountain and installed a massive chain.

The story was then let out that there was a giant boulder on Pine Mountain. It was said to be big enough to destroy the whole town if it were to ever fall, so they had to attach it to the mountain itself in order to keep it from breaking loose and tumbling down the mountainside.

While the rock's origins may be based solely on a myth, it is still a great tourist attraction. It is a reminder of the imagination of a struggling town looking for a name of their own.

5. National Corvette Museum Sinkhole

National Corvette Museum Sinkhole - Previously the National Corvette Museum, a large sinkhole opened up and swallowed much of the building and several of the cars within.

Instead of closing the museum down for good, people can actually go and see the sinkhole and the surrounding damage it has done.

It's a real shame looking at those beautiful cars displayed as they now are, but it is also a very surreal experience. For people that have never seen a sinkhole before, they should really visit; it brings many things into perspective.

Mayfield, KY:
Mayfield, KY 42066, USA

get directions

Pope Lick, KY:
Pope Lick, Kentucky, USA

get directions

Louisville, KY:
Louisville, KY, USA

get directions

Munfordville, KY:
Munfordville, KY 42765, USA

get directions

Pine Mountain, KY:
Pine Mountain State Resort Park, 1050 State Park Rd, Pineville, KY 40977, USA

get directions

Bowling Green, KY:
Bowling Green, KY, USA

get directions

Petersburg, KY:
Petersburg, KY 41080, USA

get directions

Maysville, KY:
Maysville, KY 41056, USA

get directions

Cave City, KY:
Cave City, KY 42127, USA

get directions

Bardstown, KY:
Bardstown, KY 40004, USA

get directions

4. The Ghost Ship of Petersburg

The Ghost Ship of Petersburg - Known by many names, such as Sightseer, The Celt, USS Phenakite, Sachem, USS Sachem, and the Circle Line V, is an abandoned ship that has taken up residence in Petersburg, Ky.

This ship has seen military time, luxury cruises, A MaDonna video, and use as a toy for a rich railroad mogul, not to mention that it carted Thomas Edison around for a time as well.

Sadly, the ship has fallen into disrepair after having been anchored and abandoned. This hasn't stopped curious onlookers and adventurers from going to have a look at the ghost ship.

It sits silently now, creepiness oozing from long forgotten metal with three medals to its various names.

3. The Harriet Beecher Stowe, Slavery to Freedom Museum

The Harriet Beecher Stowe, Slavery to Freedom Museum - Sitting as a stoic reminder of the past, the Harriet Beecher Stowe, Slavery to Freedom Museum can be credited with helping spark the civil war.

A young teacher at the time, Harriet Beecher, came to live in the Marshall Key house to teach her new pupil, Elizabeth Marshall Key.

By chance, she attended a slavery auction with the patriarch of the family and was greatly disturbed by what she saw. Later she would go on to write Uncle Tom's Cabin, which caused sparks to fly between the states. Before long the Civil war broke out and President Lincoln acknowledged her as "the little lady who started the big war"!

Now, the museum shows not only a great deal of Kentucky's history but the history of the United States in general.

2. Funtown Mountain

Funtown Mountain - Originally named Guntown Mountain, Funtown is a ghost shell of a once-booming roadside attraction. It housed one of the state's most beloved theme parks until ticket sales plummeted and popularity went to other attractions.

Bought and opened again as Funtown Mountain, the park suffered many issues until it was simply closed for good. Now the ghosts of attractions sit in haunting silence.

The area is closed off, but still quite easy to access. There is nothing as interesting as exploring an abandoned theme park.

1. Oscar Getz Museum of Whiskey History

Oscar Getz Museum of Whiskey History - Welcome to the Bourbon capital of the world! In Kentucky, there are a few things that one simply must do, such as take a tour of Mammoth Cave, go to Dinosaur World, etc. One thing most people overlook is the Oscar Getz Museum of Whiskey History.

Guests can expect to tour the museum and receive a very rich history lesson on American Whiskey. There are no free samples, unfortunately for all the people that had hoped to try a few sips of some of the best whiskey ever made.

They will, however, enjoy the ever low prices of memorabilia and drinks from the museum.

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© 2017 Rachel Wesley


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    • RachelWesley profile imageAUTHOR

      Rachel Wesley 

      12 months ago from Kentucky

      Alexis, Mammoth Cave is a must see! You've got to visit!

    • AlexisG profile image


      12 months ago

      Great article! Kentucky is one of the very few states on the eastern half of the US I haven't been to. I hear there are some caves (Mammoth) worth checking out too.


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