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10 Vacation Destinations in Indonesia (except Bali)

Updated on December 22, 2014

Amongst the traveler, Bali is well known vacation place. Insanely beautiful beach, lots of cultural events you can attend, and many more. People often forget that Bali is the part of Indonesia, which is pretty pathetic for us Indonesian. But there are many beautiful places left in Indonesia that you don’t know and should. I believe that there are more than 10 vacation destinations except Bali here in Indonesia, but tons of them are still undiscovered yet. So this is 10 must-visit vacation destinations in Indonesia.

10. Carstensz Pyramid (Puncak Jaya)

This is the highest mountain in Indonesia located in Papua province with 4,884 metres (16,024 ft) above sea level, and 5th highest mountain in Southeast Asia. What makes this freaking high mountain different is the glacier part on some spots. Indonesia is a tropical country; there is no icy lake, no snow falling from the sky but we have one area covered with ice, what a miracle. The view is absolutely beautiful; you got ice on relatively hot country, 16,024 ft views, perfect. Okay I admit this is not for you who have some kind of illness or disability to climb a mountain, but at least you know that this kind of place exists in Indonesia.

vacation destination in Puncak Jaya, Papua
vacation destination in Puncak Jaya, Papua | Source

9. Kelimutu

Alright, another mountain, located in Flores Island, East Nusa Tenggara province, this time not a record breaking mountain just a plain active volcano. Yes it’s active. It erupted last time in 1886 this is what makes this mountain make it to the top 10. The eruption has created 3 beautiful lakes-shaped craters filled with water that has 3 different colors; red, blue, and white. The red one named Tiwu Ata Polo (Bewitched or Enchanted Lake), the blue is Tiwu Ko’o Fai Nuwa Muri (Lake of Young Men and Maidens), and the white one Tiwu Ata Bupu (Lake of Old People). The difference of color is caused by a chemical reaction resulting from the mineral contained there, according to local officer. So how awesome are 3 different colored lakes at the peak of the same mountain?

red, blue, and white
red, blue, and white | Source

8. Borobudur

Located in Magelang, Central Java, Borobudur is listed in UNESCO’s world heritage site. This a huge temple built in the 9th century during the reign of Sailendra, consists of nearly 2000 relief panels and 500 Buddha statues, seems like impossible to build by a human bare hand, but there it is, the largest Buddhist temple in the world, and one of the 7 wonders of the world.

Borobudur, The largest Buddhist temple in the world. A unique vacation destination
Borobudur, The largest Buddhist temple in the world. A unique vacation destination | Source

7. Lake Toba

The largest lake in Indonesia, and also the largest volcanic lake in the world, located in North Sumatra province, with nearly 100 km long and 30 km wide. There is an island In the middle of this incredibly large lake, Samosir Island, and this beautiful island is nearly as large as Singapore. This small Singapore has its own crystal clear waterfall, foggy small mountain and hill, and of course friendly locals.

a side of toba, vacation destination in north sumatra, Indonesia
a side of toba, vacation destination in north sumatra, Indonesia | Source

6. Bromo

Mountain! Volcano! Located in east Java, Bromo derived from Brahma, the Hindu creator God. Bromo has a vast area of lautan pasir (sea of sand), you can ride a jeep or even a horse there and see the beautiful view of sunset and sunrise. Bromo is not as high as the other volcano in Indonesia, but it has the incredibly dramatic beautiful view, unlike any other.

'sea of sand' and Bromo as a background
'sea of sand' and Bromo as a background | Source

5. Komodo Island

This is the only habitat of Komodo dragon, the largest lizard species, and a very rare and protected species. Could grow up to 2-3 Meters long and weight 165 kilograms, Komodo is relatively dangerous with their big jaws and high amounts of bacteria in their saliva.

Komodo Dragon
Komodo Dragon | Source

Komodo Island is one of three main islands in Komodo National Park; the other two are Rinca, and Padar. You can also do an underwater journey, but first you will see a beach with pink sand. According to Wikipedia there are only seven pink beaches in the world. After that you could actually start your underwater journey, with incredibly beautiful coral reef, and a wide variety of coral and fish species.

pink sand beach, vacation destination in komodo Island
pink sand beach, vacation destination in komodo Island | Source

4. Mount Rinjani

The last volcano in this list, located in The West Nusa Tenggara province, the second highest mountain in Indonesia, pretty hard to climb but the view is really worth it. There is also a lake in there, just like Kelimutu, but there is only one with a deep blue color making it looks like a sea, that’s why they call it Segara Anak (child of the sea). I have not mentioned the detailed location of this mountain, so it’s located in an island, beautiful island as usual and its name is

Rinjani | Source

3. Lombok

Lombok Island, an island near the ultimate island Bali, just like a second Bali, Lombok has such a beautiful beach, surfing to its challenging wave, you can also watch the sunrise or sunset, or you can just go around the island or even climb the no.4 Mount Rinjani. This place is having its popularity increase because Bali is now pretty polluted, and well way too many tourists there.

Lombok | Source

2. Bunaken national Marine Park

Underwater vacation destination located in Manado, North Sulawesi. There are 20 diving spots where you can dive and see the heavenly underwater palace and maybe where the mermaid lives. It is the same as Komodo Island before but Bunaken has a lot more coral reef and higher level of biodiversity. Can’t say much about this place, it’s just beautiful, more beautiful than any other underwater vacation destination except


1. Raja Ampat Islands

Except the no.1 underwater vacation destination Raja Ampat, located in West Papua, it has the largest biodiversity of coral reef and sea species. According to The Nature Conservancy and Conservation International, approximately 75% of sea species live on this island. This is the best vacation destination so far, again I can’t say much about this, you just have to experience it by yourself and hope these pictures will convince you.

Raja Ampat. The best vacation destination so far
Raja Ampat. The best vacation destination so far | Source

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