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10 Weird Items To Travel With On Airplanes

Updated on May 1, 2012

1) Guns and Ammo

If your firearms are unloaded, you have ammo or gun parts you can pack them in your hard-sided suit case with a lock and check it. If you declare the weapon however it does cause issues, so generally speaking, if it secured in your checked luggage you're fine.

2) Companion Service Animals (pigs or monkeys included)

Pot bellied pigs and monkeys are no strangers to being companion pets and the airlines typically wont hassle you if you have proper paperwork while flying.

3) Sex Toys

If you're into alittle kink that's okay. Just remember to save yourself from embarrassment to remove the batteries if they are in your carry-on. Help hint: store your restraints and hand cuffs in your checked luggage as they will taken by security.

4) Parachutes

Are you afraid of flying? Feel free to use your one carry-on as a parachute but be sure to add some extra time to your check-in. Getting through the TSA line may take up to 30 minutes as they may want to inspect the parachute.

5) Your Dead

That's right, you can pack your dead loved ones for travel on some airlines. However, you will need to pack the cremated remains in a container that can be x-rayed. Keep in mind that some airlines do prohibit the transport of cremated remains but there are guidelines in the works between funeral homes and TSA for future travels.

6) Sporting Equipment

Ice skates, wake boards, bowling balls, skate boards and more are all acceptable for plane travel. You may want to check with the airlines before you put them in any carry-ons though. Different airlines have different rules on each as carry-on luggage.

7) Musical Instruments

Airlines recommend that string instruments be carry-ons because of their delicate nature, but you can take any instrument as a carry-on as long as it fits in the size and weight containers. Also be aware that metal instruments will be checked out, because of x-rays they will take want to inspect the instrument by sight so they can sure you haven't hidden anything in size it.

8) Hunting and Fishing Gear

Fragile tackle, fishing rods and even reels can be carry-ons while flying. Large tackle boxes and extensive amounts of gear should be packed and checked.

9) Antiques and Artifacts

Just remember the recipes and/or documentation. Small antiques and artifacts can travel as carry-ons but the large ones... You guessed it, will need to be checked.

10) Knitting Needles

That's right, if you want to take your knitting with you here's some things you need to know so you don't get your things confiscated by TSA. Circular needles made of bamboo or plastic are usually acceptable. Also, crochet hooks are acceptable travel items.


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