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10 Weird and Unusual Things to See and Do in Alabama

Updated on October 26, 2011

Every state has its share of tourist attractions and interesting things to see. Some of these are very famous and known around the country but just like any other state Alabama has a number of weird and offbeat attractions that many tourists may not know about. This list is not an exhaustive one, there probably are a number of other weird places in Alabama that are lesser known that can be found and there are a number of weird attractions that I have come across that I don't find as intriguing as the ten that I have listed here. These are my top ten weird places to see and visit in the state of Alabama. Hope you find them as interesting as I have.

African Villiage in America

Joe Minter began to create an African village in his backyard in the 80s. This strange hobby quickly became one of Alabama's quirkiest tourist attractions. The village is located at 931 Nassau Ave. SW., Birmingham, AL. Watch the video for a look at all the things that Minter has made over the years. Everything Minter has was made himself and not collected, which makes the villiage even more impressive.

Strange Statues in Birmingham

Also while you are in Birmingham, check out a number of odd statues that are scattered thoughout the city. Miss Electra can be found at 600 18th St. N. You can also find a strange statue of Temptations singer Eddie Kendricks on 4th Avenue N. finally, check out the demonic looking "Storyteller" by artist Frank Fleming on 20th street.

Jesse Owens Museum

In Danville Alabama there is a museum dedicated to Jessie Owens, the Olympic Athlete who showed up Hitler and the Nazis at the 1936 games. Oddly, Alabama is strangely Hitler obsessed when it comes to museums. (Hitler's typewriter is in Bessemer and his tea set is in Anniston) So I guess it is appropriate that they also have a place dedicated to a man who humiliated the dictator for his racist views.

Pest Control Museum

Another interesting Museum is in Decatur. This one was started by Cook's Pest Control. Initially they put on some displays of how insects could do long term damage and the attractions were so popular they created a full blown museum. It can be found at 412 13th Street in Decatur, Alabama.

Dinosaur Statues

In Elberta, Alabama there is a popular Marina that many tourists like to visit and if you find yourself there you will almost certainly hear about it. But a more obscure site is some dinosaur statues that have been spotted in the woods there. They are full of detail and have surprised many drivers but there are no signs to tell where these statues came from or why they are there.

Goldie 1971

Every state needs its strange giant sculptures and every state needs an attraction having something to do with robots. Alabama combines theirs with Goldie 1971. Goldie is a giant sculpture that can be seen at the quad in the University of Alabama. Artist Joe McCreary is his designer. you can find him in Tuscaloosa.

Old Straight Creek Church

this Alabama church practices an odd southern tradition called "snake handling." Luckily, for everybody they invite curiosity seekers to come and witness their services. This might only appeal to the most adventurous of vacationers but it is one of the most interesting things to see in Alabama. The church is located in Section, Alabama.

Museum of Wonder

In Seale, Alabama there is yet another fascinating museum, the museum of wonder. The museum promises over 10,000 wonders from around the world. Most of them are of the weird, offbeat and campy variety. Many visitors say that the exhibits first looks like a junk yard but on closer inspection reveals a surprisingly intricate collection of strange folk art.

Mann Museum

As part of the Montgomery Alabama Zoo, another place you might want to check out is the Mann Museum. Founded by a dedicated hunter the museum features a large number of killed and stuffed animals. Why a museum associated with a zoo would feature a bunch of animals that were killed through hunting is beyond me. But you might want to check it out anyway.

To Kill a Mockingbird town and Museum

Monroeville, Alabama is Harper Lee's hometown and so the entire town has turned itself into a tourist attraction based on her famous book. There is a tour around the town and a museum that features interesting facts about Lee and her childhood friend Truman Capote.


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    • Believe in USA profile image

      George Johnson 

      19 months ago from San Antonio, TX

      I lived in Alabama for 2 years and the one of these I went to was Monroeville. Wht did you think of he Jesse Owens museum? I passed by it several times but never made it there?

    • John Hanners profile image

      John Hanners 

      7 years ago from Lineville, Alabama

      Great Hub!!! Will have to check this out

    • pstraubie48 profile image

      Patricia Scott 

      8 years ago from North Central Florida

      Wow....different, unusual, just poke around to find are right...every state has these oddities...when i travel to Alabama, i will be sure to check these out. i have known some who went to a snake handling church but never have actually gone...might just have to do so..thanks for sharing..

    • MonetteforJack profile image


      8 years ago from Tuckerton, NJ

      Awesome! There are so many wonderful sights to see in America. My husband and I plan to see Alabama someday and your hub gave me ideas on what to see. Thanks so much!

    • Esmeowl12 profile image

      Cindy A Johnson 

      8 years ago from Sevierville, TN

      I lived in Alabama for 30+ years and never saw any of these things! Thanks for sharing them.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Great Hub! Added to my Link of things to in "Sweet Home Alabama". *smile*


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