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10 facts you must know before visiting the Taj Mahal

Updated on August 2, 2016

10. The monument Cost about $1 Billion

Shajahan spent about Rs 32 million on Taj Mahal at that time of construction and it took over 22years approximately to build up the Taj Mahal consisting of sandstone, white marble and many precious gems, which were imported from Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, China, Tibet, and Arabia. Many calligraphers, sculptor, stone cutters came from Syria and Persia, Bukhara (Uzbekistan), Baluchistan (part of modern day Iran). If we evaluate Taj Mahal today it would cost above $1 billion.


9. Many Sacrifices were given for construction of Taj Mahal

It took the hard work of 20,000 workers to build this marvel, along with this more than 1000 elephants were used to transport huge marble and sandstone rocks, many artistic works were done on marbles by engraving it with precious gems. On the contrary, Shahjahan doesn't want that his masterpiece should be copied by any other king in the world so he cut down the arms of 20,000 workers who built the Taj Mahal.


8. Black Taj Mahal was to be made by Shajahan

There is a myth that Black Taj Mahal was to be made by Shajahan , on the opposite side of the Yamuna river using black marble, but due to war with his son Aurangzeb, he couldn't complete it. According to Archeologist they didn't found any solid evidence of black Taj Mahal during excavation rather they say's that Shahjahan asked architects to incorporate the moonlight garden built by his great-grandfather with Taj Mahal complex.


7. We don't see the actual graves of Mumtaz

The actual graves lie below the grave mound we see today. This is because of Muslim mythology which say's that the grave should be kept in a place where they remain undisturbed. According to some myths, there is also the third set of graves which lies below the ground level of the complex.


6. The monument is covered down during Wars

It's the nations importances to look after the security of Taj Mahal, whenever there is a war of country the monument is secured by taking various measures. The Taj Mahal was covered by bamboo scaffolds during World war 2 as it was vulnerable to bombing, by German and Japanese bombers. The Taj Mahal was also camouflaged with green cloth during India-Pakistan war 1971 and 9/11.


5. The perfect symmetry of the Monument

The Taj Mahal is one of the world's most symmetrical structure, the architect's used many optical illusion tricks to enhance the beauty of Taj mahal, the monument is built using the principal of self-replication the only unsymmetrical structure present in the Taj Mahal is the grave of Shajhan which was placed after his death.


4. Changing views of Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal expresses its beauty by its colors. It changes its mood from pinkish hue in the morning to white in daylight and burnished golden in the moonlight. Locals around the Taj Mahal say's that it creates the best attraction in full moonlight.


3. Callligraphic Inciption on the Monument

The monument has many calligraphic inscription on its walls. The inscription tells 99 different names of Allah. Some are Ar Rahman (الرحمن) The All Merciful, Al Malik (الملك) The King, The Sovereign, Al Quddus (القدوس) The Most Holy etc


2. Mumtaz died giving birth to Shahjahan's 14h child.

Mumtaj Died in Burhanpur, Madhya Pradesh – India , Giving birth to their 14th child. There after the in the memory of his wife, Shahjhan started building the Taj Mahal. Till the time Tajmahal was building up her body was kept in Mumtaz Mahal in Burhanpur


1. Aurangeb Prisoned Shahjahan till his death

Aurangzeb defeated his brother Dara (elder son of Shahjahan), so as to rule over the emperor. He also declared his father incompetent to rule and prisoned him in the Red fort. On the request of Shahjahan, he was kept in the room from where he can see Tajmahal for all his life. After capturing the throne Aurangzeb used to take advice from his father Shahjahan, as he foud it very difficult to rule such a huge emperor.

Aurangzeb Potrait
Aurangzeb Potrait | Source


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