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Updated on August 1, 2011

What makes Jamaica unique ?

Jamaica the 'land of wood and water' as it was described by Christopher Columbus, is a very unique place with a rich culture . This rich culture or way of life of the people gives the country a very unique stamp. Read on and find out what my top 10 favorites things are about Jamaica. Please give me your feedbacks on what you like about Jamaica.



Jamaicans are one of the most helpful, friendliest and hospitable people and because of this quality, they can be seen in almost every corners of the earth. They are a very proud and hardworking group of people. Most Jamaicans can be seen wearing a smile and a lesser number tend to have a more serious disposition which quickly melts away as soon as they have warmed up to you. Jamaicans are accepting of everyone and therefore they justify their motto "Out of many, one people."



Although English is the official language, the native tongue is patios (a broken English) with African influences. Even though it's a broken form of English, the vocabulary and pronounciations are very different from English. The language may seem hard to comprehend let alone speak, but if you listen keenly you will become a pro at understanding or even speaking it.



Jerking is a cooking technique that was used by the Maroons (the runaway slaves of Jamaica). The jerk spice is made seasonings such as scotch bonnet pepper, allspice (pimento), nutmeg, cinnamon, scallions, thyme, garlic, cloves and salt. The spice is rubbed over the meat (chicken, fish or pork) and left to stand overnight. After the meat is thoroughly marinated, it is placed on grill and then covered where hot charcoal mingle with spices to give the meat its distinct taste. The finished product can be served with festival, hardough bread, fried dumplings or bammy (cassava bread).

Buju Banton, a popular Jamaican artiste
Buju Banton, a popular Jamaican artiste


Reggae is a music genre that was developed in the 1960s. it is a very rhythmic form is music that has several sub genres such as dancehall, rocksteady, lovers rock and dub. Bob Marley is the most renowned reggae artiste who is known for hits like One Love, No woman No Cry and Could You Be Love.



East Indian mango, sweet sop, jackfruit, stringy mango, green gauge mango, star apple, june plum, cashew apple, guinep, naseberry (sapodilla) and papaya are so irrisistible.

What is your favorite Jamaican mango?

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The white sandy beaches and clear water hug the island of Jamaica. Even though over half the population does not know how to swim, the ocean cannot be resisted. During holidays, Jamaicans flock to the beach for their must have splash. Wherever you are on the island, a beach can be found.



This is Jamaica's national dish. The fruit ackee, was brought from West Africa during the slave trade. It is commonly served with cod fish( saltfish) served over roasted breadfruit, rice, bread or ground provisions. This is a must have especially since it is a favorite among most Jamaicans.



This is flaky pastry that contains a filling along with other native spices. The fillings are either beef, beef & cheese, vegetables, shrimp or curried chicken. The beef patty is the most common due to its moth watering mix of succulent beef and spices. Even though it is best served hot, exercise caution since it maybe too hot.



This is the real jamaican lager beer and has an alcohol volume of 4.7%. You must try a cold Red Stripe beer.



This may seem weird but KFC is not the same throughout the world. I do not know what its is about KFC in Jamaica but it is just awesome! Some may disagree but my tastebuds love some good ole Jamaican KFC.

Bob Marley


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    • topcaribbeantours profile image


      6 years ago

      great article, most of those things I also love, you can checkout my lens for the top 5 things to do in Jamaica


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