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75 Awesome Ideas For The Ultimate Bucket List

Updated on November 19, 2017
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Poppy Reid is a proofreader for Japan Info and a video game enthusiast. She lives in Tokyo and has two hamsters named Zelda and Hemingway.

A bucket list is something personal and precious that everyone should have - a list of things you want to do in your lifetime before you "kick the bucket". Here's a list of seventy-five suggestions and tips for you to add to your Bucket List, including activities and goals to do with travel, education, creativity, and sports.


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1. Learn to play a musical instrument. Have you ever wanted to learn to play your favourite song on piano or guitar, or been interested in studying the violin? Why not take a few lessons in an instrument you're interested in, and seeing where your new hobby takes you?

2. Create a physical photo album. With Facebook, Pinterest and other social media, as well as straight-to-computer cameras, it's getting rare to see a physical photograph album like our families had in the old days. Why not collect some of your favourite pictures, print them out (or even develop them traditionally) and add them to an album? They somehow seem to mean much more than an electronic album.

3. Design your own home.
Whether it be metophorical or on a simulation game, designing your own home is a rewarding experience. Add it to your list and get creative.

4. Cosplay as your favourite character. Cosplaying (or costume-playing) is when you dress as your favourite character, whether it be from a book, an anime cartoon or a movie, and sometimes attend Cosplay Conventions that are held all over the world throughout the year. Why not join one?

5. Write a book. Let out your inner writer.

6. Publish that book. A great achievement is publishing something of your own work, whether it be a novel, a biography or a children's book. Self-publishing is very easily doable these days. Add it to your list of must-dos.

Why not produce your own short film?
Why not produce your own short film? | Source

7. Paint a painting. Even if you're not that good at painting, buy an easel and get brushing. With a little practise, you'll improve in no time, and you can hang your proud design on a wall for all to see.

8. Perform in front of an audience. Whether it's with your new instrument, singing or dancing, perform in front of a large(ish) audience.

9. Learn a second (or third or fourth) language. Are you a fan of Italian food? Interested in East Asian culture? Want to travel to South America? Why not tick another one off your bucket list by learning a new language? There are classes, online courses (many of which are free), textbooks and opportunities to practise with native speakers. If you're already multilingual, why not pick up another language, and expand your horizons?

10. Produce a short film or video. Ever fancied self-producing your own short film or music video? Grab a camera and get creative, and have something to show off to your friends and family.

11. Dye your hair. Pink, red, green, blue, purple - the opportunities are endless. Dye your hair a crazy colour for a few days or weeks, and surprise people!

12. Make a scrapbook. Tickets, stickers, receipts, photos and notes all in one book. Document the good times in a single paperback.



13. See the Great Wall of China. A marvel by anyone's standards, this huge wall is definitely worth a visit. Make a note to see it if you ever find yourself in that part of the world.

14. Go to Disneyland. Because everyone should experience one of the happiest places in the world.

15. Swim in the Dead Sea. There's no stretch of water so dense and salty.

16. Go on a road trip. Old or young, anyone can take a road trip with their friends or family. Pack your stuff in the car, make a loose itinerary, and go!

17. Go backpacking. You don't need a ton of money to go backpacking. Why not explore Europe or east Asia, travel the USA, or backpack Australia or New Zealand? Hostels, lightweight baggage, making friends along the way - it's an adventure no one should miss.

18. Work or live abroad for at least a few months. Use your new language to work abroad (teaching English is a good job to try out) and immerse yourself in a different culture. You can appreciate your home country more, as well as learn and grow.

19. Go see the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon is a spectacular sight that everyone should endevour to visit at least once in their lives.

See the Grand Canyon
See the Grand Canyon | Source

20. Go snorkeling. See the underwater world and swim with wildlife.

21. Visit a Japanese hot spring. Relax in Japan's natural or man-made baths. Beware: large or obvious tattoos may prohibit your entry.

22. Ride a steam train. Steam trains are incredibly fun and nostalgic to ride. Many places in Yorkshire offer steam train rides.

23. See blue whales. Off the coast of California, you can see blue whales as they migrate in the late summer months. It would surely be a spectacular sight - something you should experience in your lifetime.

24. See Machu Picchu. One of the great Wonders of the World, Machu Picchu is worth a visit.

25. See the Egyptian pyramids. Another Wonder of the World is definitely not worth a miss.

26. Fly first class. Why not save up for a first-class flight to... Somewhere? Kick back, drink champagne, live like the other half for a few hours!


27. Go kayaking/rafting. Kayaking and rafting are immensely fun outdoor activities that are definitely worth a go. Give them a try with your friends or family, and create memories to last a lifetime.

28. Go caving.The thrill of exploring an underground world is unmissable.

29. Climb a mountain.Similarly, discovering the world's beauty and natural views is something everyone should do in their lifetime. If you enjoy hiking and mountain-climbing, why not challenge yourself to a famous mountain such as Kilimanjaro (in Tanzania), or Mt. Fuji (Japan)? Gentler walks include the Old Man of Storr (Isle of Skye, Scotland).

30. Go on an African safari. Why not see exotic animals in their natural habitat? Everyone I know who's been on a safari say it's fantastic. Give it a go.

31. Fly in a helicopter.See the world from above in a hovering man-made aircraft.

32. Visit all continents.You'll need a bit of money to do this one, but why not try visiting all of the continents? Write down the ones you haven't visited yet. Are you interested in any countries in the areas you've listed?

33. See the northern lights.Another breathtaking wonder of nature that's worth seeing. Depending on where you are, the Northern Lights can be found in many different countries. Click here for the top ten places to see the Northern Lights.

See the Northern Lights
See the Northern Lights | Source


34. Get a tattoo. There's always been that one thing you thought of getting in that place, right? Why not do it?

35. Face your biggest fear.Heights? The dark? Creepy-crawlies? We all have some fears in our lives, some which can't be cured, others that can. Face your biggest fear, and gain a self-confidence boost.

36. Sing karaoke. Ever got up on stage (or stood up at a party) and belted out your favourite tune? It's great fun. If you're shy, sing with friends!

37. Try marijuana.
Weed is legal now in enough places where you can safely try it without getting into trouble. Close to Colorado, Oregon or Amsterdam? If you're feeling brave, give it a shot.

38. Get a piercing.
Feeling daring? Get an ear/belly button/lip/nose/eyebrow piercing.

39. Buy a games console. A Game Boy Colour or a Nintendo Gamecube are excellent choices.

40. Sell something on eBay or Amazon. Do you have old games, books or CDs lying around? If you haven't sold something online before, try it out with old things you don't want or need anymore. Someone else will get a great deal, and you'll experience the thrill of making money without moving from your computer chair.


41. Go sober for a month. A charity organisation called MacMillan challenge people to 'go sober' for a month - to not drink alcohol for the entirety of October and to get sponsored for it. All raised funds go to

42. Go see a band or musician you love live. Many people love a certain band or musician but never go to see them live. Even older musicians are still playing sometimes - get on the internet and see if they're performing near you. A concert is a thousand times better when you

43. Go to a music festival. Leeds, Reading, Download and Sonisphere are famously fun, and a chance to see fantastic bands live. If you enjoy rock music, grab some friends and buy a ticket to the

44. Join/organise a march for the greater good. Peaceful protests are an effective way to get a point across. If there's an issue going on that you feel strongly about, whether it be politics or finance, organise or join a peaceful protest march. You'll have made a big difference, and will make some like-minded friends along the way.

45. Get a strike in bowling. Love bowling? Have you ever hit a strike? Head to the bowling alley and get a ten-pin hit!

46. Get a makeover and/or professional photographs. Hairdo, make-up, nice clothes and a photo shoot - we all need pampering once in a while, and a professional makeover plus photographs are a great way to show off your relaxing day.

47. Do volunteer work. Put a couple of hours of your time aside to collect money for charity, work in a charity shop or help the less fortunate in some way.

Appear on the radio
Appear on the radio | Source


48. Meet someone famous. Even if they're not a celebrity, think of people on TV or musicians that you admire. Although you can't exactly stalk your favourite TV personality until you get a 'hello', write it on your list anyway. And carry around a pocket-sized autograph book; you never know what might happen.

49. Appear on the radio. If you're a writer or musician, there's even more of a reason to get on the radio (try small local stations at first). You can advertise your goods, express your opinion on hot topics, and even see if the radio industry is for you!

50. Appear on TV or in a movie. Imagine pausing a DVD and pointing to the furthest corner of the screen and excitedly saying, "See that? That's me! That's my arm!" Apply to be an extra in an upcoming TV series or even a movie.

51. Make your own blog. There are many free online websites where you can make your own blog. Write about things you're interested in, such as music, travel or food.

52. Gain a respectable amount of followers on the blog. How many readers can you gain through your blog? 10? 50? 100? Try it out and see.

Go mountain biking
Go mountain biking | Source

Sports & Adventure

53. Run a marathon. If not a marathon, then perhaps a charity running event. Train hard, participate in a race or charity walk, and feel generally better about yourself.

54. Watch a F1 or Moto GP race.
Fast cars, the roar of the crowd - who doesn't love a car race? Go see one live!

55. Go skydiving. They say the adrenaline rush of a skydive is unlike anything else. Give it a try, and if you're reluctant, do it for charity!

56. Go up in a hot air balloon. Truly a wonder of mankind.

57. Go mountain biking. Arguably dangerous but hilariously fun. Spend a day in nature, ride down slopes, get the adrenaline rush from mountain biking.

58. Swim in the ocean. Live, or planning on visiting, somewhere warm besides the sea? Why not take a dip in the ocean, and enjoy the biggest pool you'll ever swim in.

59. Go camping. Everybody just has to go camping at some point. Tents, hiking trails, gas cookers, it's all so much fun. If you've never tried it, you should. Take some friends or your family and have a blast somewhere beautiful.

60. Go skinny dipping. Ever wanted to jump into a lake completely naked? Why not just do it? Convince your friends to join you and make some hilarious memories!

Go fishing
Go fishing | Source

61. Go windsurfing. Windsurfing looks incredibly fun. Give it a go!

62. See a thunderstorm. Whilst staying safe, of course. The boom of thunder, flashing of lightning and torrential rain is a sight to behold.

63. Stargaze with a telescope. Ever seen the moon in its full glory? Ever taken a look at some other planets? It's incredible.

64. See a double rainbow. Again, this isn't one that you can just get up and do, but when you see a rainbow, look extra close and see if you can spot another rainbow above or below it.

65. Go fishing. iblings, your uncle, your friends... try out fishing in a river! If you're worried about the fish, simply sit a net in the water so the fish are alive, count them when you're done, and release them bac

66. Try a winter sport. Yes, you might fall over a lot, but messing about in the snow with your friends is hilarious and lots of fun. Make a point to go skiing or snowboarding next winter.

67. Go surfing. Try out surfing lessons in places with large waves - it's great exercise and a huge amount of fun.

Try a winter sport
Try a winter sport | Source

Food and Dining

68. Learn how to eat with chopsticks. Let out your international side and have a go at eating a rice dish, sushi, or just about anything with chopsticks.

69. Have a barbecue in the middle of nowhere. Barbecues are fun, and even more fun when you have them in the middle of nowhere. How about on a tiny island? On the beach? On top of a mountain? Pack some burgers, a disposable barbecue set, charcoal, plastic plates and other kinds of cold food, and have a barbecue to remember.

70. Cook a meal for your whole family. If you've never done something like that, cook a large meal for your entire family, and gesture your love through cooking.

71. Eat exotic food. Ever tried snails? How about eel? Gecko on a stick? Fish eggs? Why not try some exotic food - who knows, you might enjoy it and order seconds!

72. Try a vegan diet for a week. Challenge yourself to come off animal products entirely for a week. If you're a meat-lover, this is even more difficult - but you'll discover some yummy vegan recipes along the way, and will improve your diet too.

Try exotic food
Try exotic food | Source


73. Gain an extra qualification. Not only does it look great on your CV, but an extra qualification, such as a course on CPR or a certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language, can open up doors to jobs, and even give you practical experience for the real world.

74. Learn to change a car tyre. A useful skill that's worth knowing, and could help you or others in a pinch.

75. Attend a university's Fresher's Fair. Even if you're not a student, you can attend open days and "Fresher's Fairs" at universities. Find out about school clubs and societies (also open to non-students) and take advantage of the freebies!

A Bucket List is personal, so write your own, and use this list for ideas. If you want to add them all, that's fine - the more the better! Do you have any more suggestions for this list? Comment below.

© 2014 Poppy


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      Sujatha 2 years ago

      Thanks again, I appreciate all the help i can get. And I would love to guest post on your site let me know if there is anynhitg in particular that you are trying to rank for and I'll see what I can do. I came across the crunch stitch this week and am itching to make something with that. Yes, engaged followers make a huge difference! I notice it every time when someone else links to me from facebook the results are so much better than when I post it. All in good time I guess.

    • poppyr profile image

      Poppy 3 years ago from Tokyo, Japan

      Thank you for your comment :D

    • bmguy621 profile image

      Daniel 3 years ago from Maryland

      Thanks! My bucket list just got much longer.