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100 Things To Do Before I Die

Updated on January 24, 2010

Everything I'd Like To Do...

1. learn how to surf, then go to Hawaii to surf Hawaiian waves! 

2. sky-dive!

3. spend the night in a haunted asylum.

4. sand surf in Egypt!

5. build a tree house and then sleep in it!

6. Go up in a hot-air balloon

7. Be on a game show/ dance on the Ellen show!

8. Live in Ireland.

9. Have my fortune told by a real fortune teller 

10. Become skilled with a musical instrument.

11. Try Geocashing!!

12. see le Louvre and/or le Musee d'Orsay

13. Win a game of Scrabble!!!!

14. Devote an entire summer to concerts!

15. see an actual aurora bourealis!

16. find someone who looks like me...

17. hold my breath for two minutes!

18. scrap book!?!?

19. live in Spain!

20. learn how to do the wave with my eyebrows!

21. Get a flying license

22. get a drivers license

23. play the human chairs game!!

24. ride the Steel Dragon 2000 in Nagashima Spa Land (Japan)

25. learn how to tap dance! 

26. lead a parade!

27. smash a computer

28. get a college degree

29. help build a house, schoole, ect.

30. plant a tree.

31. start a huge wave!

32. get a song i have written on the radio

33. give a stranger $100

34. get something named after me

35. sing the national anthem infront of a large auudience

36. stand under a plane as it lands!

37. host a show!

38. break a world record

39. take a sranger out for dinner and pay for it all.

40. crowd surf at a huge rock concert

41. go on a blind date

42. climb a mountain

43. write a book, get it published.

44. make a movie

45. spend a week without talking

46. draw a mural

47. paraglide

48. visit folsom prison

49. swim with sharks

50. make an important speech

51. make a music video, get it on VH1

52. Throw a suprise party

53. go dog-sledding

54. win an award!

55. street perform.

56. jump off of a waterfall

57. party with a rockstar

58. make a lemonade stand...

59. experiance zero gravity

60. visit all 50 states

61. tour with a major band.

62. pay for someone's groceries

63. become a flight attendant for a day

64. be on the cover of a magazine

65. win a bull riding competition.

66. have a backwards day...

67. buy my mom a house and pay the bills

68. meet the president of the United States

69. host a news channel or radio station

70. wear the most outreagous outfit in public

71. watch the sunrise in Africa

72. tame a lion

73. go to a 24hr. rave party

74. compete in a dance off

75. make a documentary of my life

76. go on a roadtrip with a close friend

77. become a licensed minister

78. gamble in Las Vegas

79. be an extra in a movie

80. help solve a crime

81. become close with my brother

82. set my brother up with a good friend

83. break up a bar fight

84. make friends with someone i never thought i could

85. buy property on mars and the moon.

86. throw a huge party on the day of December 21, 2012

87. meet a wonderful guy and do something i would never do.

88. become friends with someone famous

89. get artwork in a mueseum

90. be in part of a large protest

91. yell at a judge,"you want the truth?! YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!"

92. attend a huge festival

93. ride a camel

94. adopt an exotic animal

95. go a week without time...

96. participate in a huge food fight

97. create a 100 things to do website and record all that i do.

98. Learn to be a cowboy 

99. explore the jungle!

100. prepare a huge feist for over 100 people!


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