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100 Things You Shouldn't Forget to Pack for your Next Trip

Updated on July 17, 2019

Whenever I drive to the airport or the train station to begin my next trip, I always have that panicky feeling because I think I forgot something. I mentally go through all the things I packed but I can never quite calm myself down. I am not the most organized person when I pack and on top of that, I always pack 2 hours before I leave. Luckily, I have never forgotten something as important as my passport or wallet. But I usually did forget one or the other thing which I had to purchase at my travel destination. So I decided to write my own packing list in order to be more organized when I pack my suitcase and now I am sharing it with you. If you are one of those forgetful people as well, take a look at this packing list. I am sure by using this list, you can finally enjoy the ride to be airport!


Money and Keys

1. Your wallet (Check if you have all the credit cards you need and an appropriate amount of cash.

2. Some extra money that you put in another place than your wallet.

3. Your keys (Give another set of keys to the neighbor or a friend in case of an emergency or simply so they can water your flowers)

4. Car keys


Documents and Information

5. Your passport (Check a couple of weeks before if it's still valid. If not, get it renewed!)

6. Your visa, where required

7. Your drivers license ( maybe an international one depending on your length of stay)

8. A list of phone numbers in case something happens to your cell phone (Let's face it. Since the age of cell phones, no one even knows their mothers phone number anymore! I feel guilty...)

9. Addresses for postcards

10. Travel guides for the places you are visiting. They will cost double or triple at the airport.

11. A dictionary

12. A book with important phrases and words in the language of the country you are traveling to, provided its not your native language

13. Important passwords which you hide well (you might have to access your online banking in an emergency for instance)

14. Health insurance card

15. Travel insurance documents

16. Any booking confirmations you need for courses or classes or trips you booked

17. Tickets

18. Vaccination records

19. Instruction manuals for various equipment

20. Maps

21. Car documents

22. Prescriptions

23. Paper and pens

24. Work documents (for the workaholics)


25. Underwear (bras, boxers, panties, thongs etc.)

26. Socks

27. Pants (leggings, jeans, shorts, ski pants)

28. T-shirts

29. Sweaters

30. Shoes (for women this should be divided up into: sneakers, heels, running shoes, ballerina shoes, flip flops, hiking shoes...)

31. Jackets and coats

32. Belts

33. Dresses and skirts and/or shorts

34. Pajamas

35. Rainwear

36. Blouses

37. Suits and/or blazers

38. Hats

39. Gloves

40. Scarves

41. Neck ties

42. Sports outfit

43. Polo shirts

44. Slippers


Body Care, Hygiene and Beauty Products

45. Manicure Case

46. Toilet paper (for those planning on hiking for instance or for those traveling to a country where you might not find it everywhere... )

47. Hair-care products (shampoos, conditioners, masks, hairspray, gel, other hair-care products)

48. Skin-care products (skin cream, sunscreen, lip balm, eye cream, body lotion)

49. Makeup (including makeup remover and cotton pads)

50. Hair dryer, straightener and/or curling iron

51. Tissues

52. Medicine (against headaches, stomach aches, nausea, constipation, diarrhea, allergies, motion sicknessā€¦ You never know what the foreign food or the temperature change is going to do to you)

53. Toothbrush and toothpaste

54. Towels if needed

55. Tampons or sanitary napkins for women and shaving equipment for men.

56. Deodorant

57. Brushes and combs

58. Perfume

59. Special containers or bottles to take liquids in the airplane (more than 150ml is often a problem) and plastic seals for those containers

60. First aid kit

61. Laundry kit & laundry bag

62. Small mirror

63. Disinfectant spray

64. Insect repellent

65. Condoms

66. Birth control


67. Your watch.

68. Jewelry (Necklaces , earrings , bracelets, piercings, rings...)

69. Sunglasses and/or your regular glasses and/or contact lenses and care products for contact lenses)


70. Your laptop or tablet in case you want to check emails or do some surfing while on vacation

71. Your phone (unless you would rather like to leave your phone at home in order to be able to completely relax with no disturbances. The same applies to number 6.

72. Your digital camera and/or your underwater camera

73. Tripod

74. Gps ( if you have your own you won't have to rent one if you plan on renting a car)

75. Charging cables or stations for cameras, laptops, cell phones , tablets etc.)

76. Download a currency exchange app if you are traveling to a country with a foreign currency

77. Binoculars

78. Flash drive

79. Memory cards

80. Head phones

81. Batteries

82. Adapter


Equipment for Activities

83. Sports gear ( some examples: swimming and/or diving gear , skiing gear, hiking and climbing gear, surfing gear, sailing gear, biking gear)

84. Camping equipment (tents, cooking equipment, food, lighter, pocket knife, flashlight, etc.)


85. Bags like your suitcase, backpacks and purses ( okay it's highly unlikely that you are going I forget those... But take the opportunity when you go through this list to check if your suitcase is still in a good condition. You don't want it to break down somewhere in the Himalaya.

86. Locks for bags and their appropriate keys

Travel Kit

87. Some snacks and drinks for the time at the airport (way too expensive at the airport)

88. A neck pillow, which makes sleeping on the airplane or any other vehicle you are traveling with more pleasant, and a blanket (the ones they give you on the plane are so thin!)

89. Magazines or books for the traveling time.( also overpriced at the airport)

90. Ear plugs and eye mask

This and That

91. For those with kids (diapers, bottles, clothing, toys, snacks, books, car seat, medicine, skincare products... I could make another list of 100 things to take with you when traveling with kids, lol..)

92. Umbrella

93. Self-defense spray

94. Document holders for under your clothes

95. Playing cards

96. Gifts if you are visiting someone

97. Rubber bands

98. Sewing kit

99. Pet food

100. Person, people or animals you are traveling with


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    • denise.w.anderson profile image

      Denise W Anderson 

      4 years ago from Bismarck, North Dakota

      I know what it is like to forget something when traveling! I have had to borrow from the most unlikely people! Thanks for creating this comprehensive list!

    • Kristen Howe profile image

      Kristen Howe 

      4 years ago from Northeast Ohio

      Great packing list, Jen, with the must-haves on this check list. Voted up for useful!

    • Jennifer Madison profile imageAUTHOR

      Jennifer Madison 

      4 years ago from Lohmar

      I am glad you enjoyed the article Edward. :)

      Oh yes, bigocean, imagine how women feel! :)

    • bigocean profile image

      George Bogosian 

      4 years ago from New England

      I need a bigger baggage!

    • Edward J. Palumbo profile image

      Ed Palumbo 

      4 years ago from Tualatin, OR

      This is excellent advice, and I enjoyed reading this!

    • Jennifer Madison profile imageAUTHOR

      Jennifer Madison 

      4 years ago from Lohmar

      Great! Glad this hub could be of some use :) Thanks for visiting!

    • poetryman6969 profile image


      4 years ago

      A pretty complete hub. I can use it as a checklist for my upcoming trip to California.


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