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11 of the Longest Roads in the World

Updated on July 12, 2016

1. The Pan American Highway in the USA

  • At a staggering 48,000 km, the Pan American Highway lists as the longest road there is. It covers the entire highway system in the US as well as linking the majority of the countries in North, Central, and South America. The highway understandably travels through all the various landscapes of the two continents, from arid to mountainous to jungle, the works.
  • As a highway, the road is well-maintained and travelling should not be a problem. Furthermore, accommodation along the road at cities/towns along the way should be an easy thing to do.

The Pan American Highway - putting it into perspective

Pan American Highway -Chile
Pan American Highway -Chile | Source

2. The Trans-Siberian Highway in Russia

    • The Trans-Siberian Highway is the major highway in Russia; it runs from the city of St. Petersburg to Vladivostok and totals about 11,000 km.
    • The road encompasses seven other roads, and they are the Ussuri (760 km), Amur (2,100 km), Baikal (1,100 km), Siberia (1,860 km), Irtysh (1,530), Ural (1,890 km), and Russia (664 km). The condition of the highway varies as it winds from one road to the next. In certain cases, the roads are well maintained while in others road works is the order of the day. Others still are in poor overall condition. As the roads go from one part of Russia to the next, the landscape changes dramatically. Certain sections go over mountainous terrain and others through wooded areas; you will also encounter flat plains as well as go through the capital Moscow.

The Trans-Siberian Highway

Check it out: Mud on the Trans-Siberian Highway
Check it out: Mud on the Trans-Siberian Highway | Source

3. Highway 1 (Australia)

  • Australia's Highway 1 runs all along the coast of Australia, racking up a total of 14,500 km in doing so.
  • As the highway winds around the country it goes through all of Australia's states i.e. the Northern Territory, Queensland, Tasmania, Victoria, and Western Australia.

Highway 1 (Australia) - a round-trip, literally


4. Trans-Canada Highway/Route Transcanadienne

  • The Trans-Canada Highway is about 8,000 km long.
  • It connects ten of Canada's provinces as it travels from the Pacific Ocean all the way to the Atlantic Ocean. The highway passes through the Canadian section of the Glacier National Park at one stage and it connects to the border with the US.

Trans Canada Highway - Map and Pictures


5. Golden Quadrilateral Highway Network (India)

  • The complete length of the Golden Quadrilateral Highway Network in India is 5,846 km.
  • It connects major centers like Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai, and Delhi and serves to improve the overall movement of people and products throughout the country, thus playing a major part in the economy of India.

Golden Quadrilateral Highway Network (India) - map and scenery


6. US Route 20 (USA)

  • US Route 20 is 5,415 km long.
  • The route covers 12 states as it runs from east to west across America, with Boston, MA on the one side and New Port, Oregon on the other.
  • The highway crosses the Mississippi River at Dubuque, splitting the town in two; one part of the town is in Iowa and the other in Illinois.

US Route 20 (USA) - map and scenery


7. China National Highway 010

  • The China National Highway 010 is the longest road in China with a length of 5,700 km.
  • The highway runs from Tongjiang City, Heilingjiang to Sanya, Hainan.

China National Highway 010 - Map


8. US Route 6 (USA), also called Grand Army of the Republic Highway

  • The length of the highway is 5,158 km or 5,148, depends who you are asking .
  • The highway Runs from Bishop, California to Provincetown, Massachusetts. The road is also known as the Grand Army of the Republic Highway to pay homage to the American Civil War.

US Route 6 - Map and Scenery


9. Interstate 90 (i-90) (usa)

  • Interstate 90 is a transcontinental freeway and is 4,860.2 km long.
  • The I-90 starts at Boston in the east and finished in Seattle in the west.

Interstate 90 (I-90) - Map and Scenery


10. Interstate 80 (I-80), also called Christopher Columbus Highway

  • Interstate 80 is another transcontinental highway which runs from east to west, Its length: 4,666 km.
  • The highway runs from San Francisco in California to Teaneck in New Jersey.

Interstate 80 (I-80) - Map and Scenery

Mountains of the Great Salt Lake
Mountains of the Great Salt Lake | Source

11. Trans-Sahara Highway

  • The length of the Trans-Sahara Highway is in the region of 4,500 km and about 85% of the road have been paved.
  • As the name indicates it 1: stretches over an existing trade route in the Sahara Desert and 2: it is a transnational road which crosses three countries.
  • It starts at the Mediterranean Sea in the North and finishes in the west at the Atlantic Ocean.



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