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12 Reasons why you should visit Nepal

Updated on September 18, 2014

The Pulling factor's of Nepal

  1. Nepal is a Beautiful Country

People sometime say that the very alphabets of ‘Nepal’ stand for never ending peace and love. Nepal is a small country sandwiched between china and Nepal but a very scenic country. The lowest land is 70m of Jhapa and highest is 8848m of Mount Everest with only 185 km distance. You can imagine the geographical variation, rich diverse flora and fauna. Each after a kilometer you start feeling contrast. Nepal is home of world’s great mountains.

2. Nepal is a Great Value Destination

In Nepal we have a slogan of ‘athiti devo vaba’ which means guests are equal to god. In every part of the country the tourists are respected. Nepal is a paradise for luxury travelers as well as backpackers. The hippies were free ambassadors to promote Nepal and Nepali tourism at larger scale in the west. You will find as you expect in Nepal. In Nepal here are luxury 5 star hotels to back packer’s hostels. As tourism is major part of Nepal’s economy big investment have been done to make infrastructures in Nepal. Tourists can enjoy modern facilities, use wifi in hotels in Annapurna and Everest base camp, get mobile phone reception all over the country. Nepal is very welcoming to tourists and people are so friendly.

3 .Nepal means Hospitality

When you encounter people of Nepal, they smile at you, When looked from western economic perspective people seem poor but many people have their own land, house, farms to work, eat organic food, cultural groups to belong to and faith and which keeps them optimist. People have natural life, less stress, no sleep disorder problems and less divorce rate than any countries in the world. When you are walking in the villages, people of Nepal invite you for tea or talk. They are ready to help you at any time. They respect others and in turn expect the same. You transcend from human to God when you are in Nepal. Learn value system of Nepali life when you are in Nepal. Still here is something in people that respects the individuality but keeps people together.

4 . Broaden your mind

When you come out of your comfort zone to diverse and colorful place like Nepal, you will understand the value and price of objects. You wonder, you get cultural shock and when you are able to understand the system- I bet you start appreciating and liking it. As things are in binary for giving value to other, you appreciate what you have back in home when you see simple life of people here. Money can buy things but happiness is something to be discovered within. Nepal gives you this alternative perspective to look at things.

5. Nepal is safe country

People equate Nepal with wilderness. Some people think it as a remote land but it is not so. It is connect with the modern world and now part of a global village. Nepal has some unspoiled nature and great mountains for trekking and other adventure activities. No country in the world has great trekking trails like Nepal. Whole world is beautiful and all lands are beautiful but for mountain lovers Nepal is special country. As Nepal aims to bring more tourists, safety has been always put in consideration. The crime rate is very low and no tourists are harmed. There were some news of disappearance and it is suggested to use local persona when one is travelling in the high land. From 1996 to 2006 Nepal had people’s war and still political instability but tourists are not harmed and always respected by all parties. The solo female tourists love Nepal. No tourists are hassled in Nepal and their freedom is choice is always respected. But make sure that you have followed the safety measures because no part of the world is utopia.

6. Visiting Nepal is helping Nepal’ Economy

In Nepal big part of population depend on tourism industry for their living. Especially the business is owned by some rich people but the workers are from marginal groups. The porters, guides, waiters, drivers etc are directly benefitted and many people are indirectly benefitted. When you are travelling in Nepal, use the local services, eat local food items then imported items. Your stay benefits the locals.

7. Discover your Self, make it a spiritual quest

Nepal is spiritual land where lies fountain places of Hinduism and Buddhism. Age old animism and shamanism are still practices here. People use ayurvedic techniques for healing and many people believe in mysticism and mystical practices. Learn yoga and meditation, Discover the value of knowledge, devotion, spiritual practices and rituals people carry in their day to day life. The practice of nature worship can help the mother earth to come over the effects caused by blasting of bombs and exhausts thrown from factories. Don’t waste your time and make sure that you have met good person who can guide you, be cautious that he is not only your money eater.

8. History and Architecture

The Kathmandu city of Nepal has seven UNESCO’s world heritage sites. The medieval palaces, the Buddhist stupas, the pagoda temples, the caves and archaeological sites are major attractions. The history is inscribed in the giant standing architectures. Here the major source of knowledge was intuition in the past. Looked from western histological perspective it listens like mythical tale but they have become the river of local knowledge. The oral history is kept transferred from generation to generation. The places belong to gods and people. The traditional architecture also has existence in preserved form and modern architecture also has come into existence. Lord Buddha was born in Nepal and there are archeological evidences to prove the historicity.

9. The Food

Nepal has variety of food items. Due to diversity of ethnicity and cultural practices different food items are prepared here. The major people eat rice and lentils with curry and meat for major meals but beside they eat many items. The restaurants sell continental, Chinese, Indian, Mexican, Italian and many other dishes in Nepal. The foods are organic and freshly prepared. Make sure that you eat in a right place.

10. Help the country

Nepal is very good destination to come and help. Many travel companies and volunteer organizations offer Nepal volunteer programs. Make sure that you choose right project when you are coming Nepal to help the locals. Third eye volunteer Nepal offers Nepal volunteer programs for people who want to come and help Nepal. ‘Voluntourism’ is one of the growing branches of tourism. Be a local like everywhere and understand Nepal as a local and help Nepal being a volunteer traveler. Instead of paying big sum and buying Nepal programs with international tour operators, deal with local to save money and right placement. All the information is in your reach at this time.

11. Shopping

Nepal is good place to make shopping. You will get many things cheaper than in your home country. The handicrafts, woolen products, rugs, paintings, statues, clothes etc are mostly bought in trekking shops here. There are thousands of items you find in touristic hub like thamel, pokhara and saurah. Make sure that you make good shopping. Bargaining is in practice in Nepal (ha-ha).

12. Research

Nepal has big academic research potentiality. Nepal has many virgin fields to look further. It is a good place for anthropological, medical, scientific, cultural, and sociological many other researches. Nepal is home of different life saving herbs. Nepal has come under special political transformation. Due to geo political situation, many international powers are keen to make some influence over it and they are keeping their interest through certain influences. Slowly the western sense of modernization is affecting local cultures and practices.

Boudhanath Stupa, Nepal

The Buddhist Stupa of Boudhanath, Kathmandu
The Buddhist Stupa of Boudhanath, Kathmandu | Source
A markernepal -
get directions

Annapurna Region of Nepal

Trekker in Manang valley of Nepal
Trekker in Manang valley of Nepal | Source
Annapurna Himalayas
Annapurna Himalayas | Source


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