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14 August Happy Independence Day Pakistan

Updated on October 17, 2014

Pakistan Independence Day

Pakistan independence day observed on 14 August is also a national day in Pakistan. 14 August 1947 Pakistan achieved independence from British rule after scarifies of thousands of people and got status of independent nation.

Pakistan came into existence in efforts of founder of Pakistan Mohammed Ali Jinnah and his companions. Before independence Pakistan was part of former British Indian empire.

The Independence Act 1947

After world war two British rulers in subcontinent had tired in political events. Massive independence movement in subcontinent were making things bad to worse for British rulers. As a result of massive independence movement British rulers had agreed in division of subcontinent. The Independent act 1947 passed by the parliament of the united Kingdom. According to resolution British India was divided in two sovereign nations India and Pakistan.

14 August 1947 Pakistan came in existence

14 August 1947 Pakistan came in existence and Mohammed Ali Jinnah was elected its first governor journal in Karachi. After independence of Pakistan newly formed nation faced several problems but due to hard efforts of Mohammed Ali Jinnah and his companions Pakistan new nation got their destination.

Now 14 August is special day in Pakistan history and every year nation celebrate independence of Pakistan on 14 August. Public holiday observes all over the country. Central and provincial government arranged special programs according to independence of Pakistan.

Pakistan Interdependence Day Celelbrations

TV and Electronic media broadcast national songs and events related to Pakistan history. Schools and Colleges also arrange different functions and pay tribute to Pakistan national heroes. Pakistan green national flag and pictures of Pakistan founder Mohammed Ali Jinnah and his companions we can see everywhere on independence day of Pakistan. All Big government building also make special arrangements for decoration and lighting. Till late night people visit these places with their families and enjoy till morning.

Pakistan National Heroes

News papers also published special supplements of news papers and paid tribute to Pakistan national heroes. After independence of long years Pakistan is progressing in every field of life. Pakistan is sixth nuclear power and only nuclear power of Islamic world. Pakistan is also progressing in sports and now domination in several sports. Pakistan has won world championship in several sports including cricket, hockey, squash, and snooker. Several world class players belong to Pakistan. No one can forget cricket giants Javed Mindad, Imran Khan, squash king Jahangir Khan and Jansher Khan, Snooker champion Mohammed Yousef and Hockey heroes Islah Uddin and Samiullah.

National Symbols of Pakistan

National game : Hockey

National Bird : Chukar

National Flower : Jasmine

National Tree : Deodar

National Poet : Dr. Mohammed Iqbal

National Leader : Quied-e-Azam Mohammed Ali Jinnah

National Fruit : Mango

Pakistan National Anthem

Pakistan National Heroes

Pakistan Independence Day Celebrations in Picture


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