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16 Amazing Things to Do on Holiday and Make Wonderful Pictures

Updated on September 6, 2016

Traveling is one of the most interesting and intriguing activities among both children and adults. Each year more and more people leave their homes for a while to enjoy unknown and unseen places all over the world for a change and mental rest. Living in Australia, USA or Canada, especially large cities, being busy all the time, etc. may truly exhaust and force people think of what to do on holiday, where to go on vacation next or seek for adventures and new impressions elsewhere. No matter the age -35 or 65, everyone likes traveling! What if you are a photographer? Then this issues is especially vital to you.

What to Do on Next Holiday?

Choosing the place to visit or finding cool vacation ideas to see new places and make wonderful pictures may be a real challenge. People who plan their vacations should take into consideration the budget, time limits and personal preferences in picking the place to visit. Photographers who travel the world in search of exclusive material should be twice original in picking the route.

If none of it is a limit, then you are a lucky one! Anyway, if you have already visited exotic countries or explored old Europe, you will find some more appealing vacation ideas for the next trip here, for sure. In fact, there are several cool vacation ideas for great leisure in European counties and making nice pictures of people, nature and food. Depending on your individual inclinations and preferences you may pick the following:

  • Spend winter holidays in Transylvania,

  • Taste French wine and cheese in province,

  • Go for a romantic vacation in Venice,

  • Explore German clubs and nightlife, etc.

If you want to find what to do on holiday apart from the traditional routes and well known places, you will probably appreciate the following cool vacation ideas you’ve probably never tried before:

  1. Skip the lines at the Colosseum in Rome

  2. Visit Moulin Rouge instead of crowded Eiffel Tower and the Louvre

  3. Pick Florence and Tuscan instead of traditional shopping Rome and Milan

  4. See Mediterranean Dubrovnik - go on an exclusive “Game of Thrones” walking tour

  5. Take walking tour around London if you are a real Harry Potter fan.

  6. Visit one of the world’s wonders – Stonehenge

  7. See old legendary city of Bremen

  8. Have guts to conquer Pompeii

  9. Visit a famous Tulip field in Amsterdam in spring

  10. Enjoy Bavarian beer and sausages in Oktoberfest

  11. Concentration Camp in Poland or abandoned city of Chernobyl will be a great discovery for those who’d like mysterious and tragic places to visit.

  12. Explore Carpathian mountains in Ukraine, especially if you are fond of skiing or snowboarding

  13. Northern Lights on Reykjavik night tour

  14. Visit night shows and learn Flamenco in Barcelona

  15. Open up Gothic of Sagrada Familia or visit surreal Salvador Dali Museum in Spain

  16. Can’t help Climbing Everest!

As you see, sky is a limit in picking ideas for amazing rest, excellent photography material and simply unforgettable vacation on holiday or at weekend. Simply switch on your imagination and pick the item you like the most. Share it with your friends and relatives, plan your vacation all together and spend your free time with great pleasure and enthusiasm.


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