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20 Fun & Interesting Facts About Belize

Updated on June 9, 2012

1. Belize is one of the best places for shark viewing the best times to go are during the raining season of April – July.

2. Belize has a rare breed of howler monkey that is known as one of the top ten loudest animals in the world

3. The locals in Belize have created some unique names for its natural wonders including Owl eye butterfly, the Swallowtail Cattle Heart Butterfly, and the Red Footed Booby Bird, and the False Vampire Bat.

4. Belize’s main source of revenue with almost 2 million visitors to this tiny Central American nation annually from around the world.

5. The average temperature for the coastal areas of Belize is between 79 to 89 degrees. This is an all year temperature. Since, Belize has only two temperatures with only two wet and dry seasons

6. Belize has the only known jaguar preserve in the world it is located in the cockscomb Wildlife sanctuary

7. Belize is one of the richest Mayan history locations with over 900 historic locations.

8. Belize is roughly only 180 miles long and 68 miles wide. It is a small but sparsely populated country outside the cities because of the protections it has in place for the natural wonders that are within its borders

9. Belize has such a dense population it is one of the most populous in the world for its size

10. Outside the Belize mainland is one of the world’s natural reefs known as the Belize natural reefs with 200 separate islands.

11. The waters off Belize are known to inhabit more than 400 species of subtropical fish. They are also some of the rarest varieties of fish due to them inhabiting the natural reefs off the coast.

12. Gibnut is famous cuisine in Belize it is actually a very popular rodent in Belize. Just because, it is a rodent, does not make it a delicacy. Many places serve it, and it kind of taste like tough chicken

13. One of the most popular places for home stays while traveling in Belize is in the Mayan village of Toledo

14. Belize has over 500 distinct varieties of birds more than any other country in the world

15. 2/3 of the Belizean natural forest is safe from exploitation due to strict government regulation

16. It is culturally rude to greet someone by their first name when meeting them for the first time in Belize. Always use the proper sur names names when meeting and greeting until you become familiar

17. Superstition on Good Friday prevents Belizean natives from swimming in lakes or the ocean during this time for if they do it will not provide good fortune

18. The national motto of Belize is “Under the Shade, I flourish”

19. Local superstition folklore includes a 3 foot evil dwarf with no thumbs. It is referred to locally as el duende, it is known to hang out in the local forest and looks for kids who try to kill the local wildlife and punishes them for their evilness.

20. Typical Belizean lunch include tamales, meat pies, seafood, cassava or beans and fish.


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  • Didge profile image

    Didge 5 years ago from Southern England

    I really enjoyed your hub Kadmiels

  • profile image

    nonya 7 years ago

    i knew a lot of these facts. Some of my family is from belize

  • profile image

    justin 7 years ago

    I think he means to say belize is one of the least populous places in the world. Population isn't dense at all

  • profile image

    blaah 7 years ago

    good to know

  • profile image

    awesome dude 7 years ago

    some of the grammer is bad. there is not a lot of puncuation, but it haas great info. I have rated this a thumbs up!Great for country reports on belize. :-D

  • profile image

    Meggs 7 years ago

    This was really interesting and will help a lot with my school project!! Thnx!!

  • profile image

    bob 7 years ago

    very interesting it looks beatuiful there.

  • MyMastiffPuppies profile image

    MyMastiffPuppies 7 years ago

    Very interesting to know. Have never been to Belize but have often thought it would be a good place to buy land and retire to someday. I think I will bookmark this so I can reference it easily. Thanks for the info!

  • profile image

    yo mom 8 years ago

    i didn't know these facts!

  • sarovai profile image

    sarovai 8 years ago

    Very interesting to know about the belizian belief on good friday and knowing about 3foot evil dwarf. Thank u kadmiels.