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20 Fun & Interesting Facts About Honduras

Updated on May 27, 2012

1. Honduras was first conquered by Spain who was in search of gold and silver deposits in the mountains surrounding it. They achieved independence from Spain in 1821

2. Honduras is considered the cradle of the Mayan civilizations. There are many historical monuments left from this once great civilization. Mayan civilization flourished during the times before Columbus landed

3. Honduras has an unusual school calendar do correlate with the agricultural harvesting times. School years run from February to November in Honduras

4. Poverty is very high in Honduras; most children must help provide for families instead of going to school. Many of them help out in the city markets or the sugar cane fields to help make ends meet.

5. Majority of Honduras people are Roman Catholic, this was introduced after Spain originally conquered the territory. Although the Honduran constitution does allow for freedom of religion

6. López Rodezno is a Honduran painter, who founded the National School of Arts and Crafts in Comayagüela,

7. Honduras has quite a tradition of traditional and cultural music. It is most famous for brining folk beat to the world.

8. Carnaval at La Ceiba, is the most popular festival in Honduras

9. Soccer is the main sport in Honduras

10. Honduras is known for its complete ruins from the Maya. Many of the original pyramids of their time are still in the original state. Time has been good to them and can be visited today.

11. Honduras has many natural wonders not found anywhere else in the world. The most famous is Honduran caves. These caves traverse the mountains that surround Honduras and have produced some of the most complete stalagmites in the world.

12. Dia del Nino, or Children’s Day is celebrated the first part of September every year

13. Honduran flag has three strips and four stars representing each state that makes up Honduras. These states all have representatives in the legislative bodies

14. More exotic animals are available to be seen in Honduras then other Latin America countries.

15. Copan is the most popular historical destination in Honduras. It has some of the most complete historical locations in all of Honduras.

16. The bay islands near Honduran coast have the second largest natural reef in the world. It is home to the most exotic and rare sea creatures in the world. The reef is highly regarded by the Honduran government and is patrolled regularly against environmental damaged

17. Honduras has the largest protected rain forest on earth in the Rio Platano Biosphere Reserve. It is protected because of the rarity of many of the animals that call it home.

18. Divers and snorkelers love the natural beauty of bay islands in Honduras. They have been a destination of tourist that wants to experience some of the most beautiful and untouched sea life in the world.

19. Honduras is currently in the process of democratic reform of the instituted government. They are establishing a constitutional republic to help serve the people better.

20. More coups have been successful in Honduras than any other Latin American country.


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