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20 Fun & Interesting Facts About Iraq

Updated on October 14, 2011

1. Ancient Iraq is believed to hold the original Garden of Eden

2. The Ancient city of Babylon is located in Iraq it was being rebuilt by the former dictator sadaam Hussain

3. Iraq is actually made up of two separate countries one is Iraq the other is Kurdistan

4. The big chuck of land that is currently known as Iraq was created by Winston Churchill in the Second world War

5. The country of Iraq is actually underutilized and has limited gas stations and refineries since most of the oil is exported

6. The most popular soda in Iraq since is orange soda

7. The currency of Iraq is called the Iraqi dinar

8. The Capitol of Iraq is Bagdad

9. The current population of Iraq is a little over 24 million people

10. In 1917 Iraq became a small country after declaring its independence from the ottoman empire

11. The Government of Iraq with the help of the British finally established a government in 1935

12. The Religions of Iraq is mostly Muslim 75% and the rest Kurdish Muslim 25%

13. Iraq contains two famous rivers the Tigris and the Euphrates

14. The nick name of Iraq is the Cradle of civilization

15. The first recorded civilization was the Sumerians in Iraq

16. Noah’s ark is believed to have been built in Iraq.

17. The country of Iraq is currently distributed with 18 different provinces

18. Iraq has the largest species of spider known to man

19. The highest point in Iraq is the mountain of Haji Ibrahim

20. The hanging gardens of Babylon is one of the ancient wonders of the world


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