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20 Fun & Interesting Facts about Alabama

Updated on July 4, 2012

1. New Orleans was only the second state to celebrate Mardi gras it was actually first celebrated in the State of Alabama.

2. Alabama is the home of space flight innovation. The first Apollo rockets where build in Huntsville Alabama to take man to the moon.

3. Alabama was the first to test out a new electric trolley system in the city of Montgomery. It was made to help the cities every increasing need of public transportation models.

4. The Iron and Steel Capitol in the U.S is in Alabama. They are the only state in the union that does not need to bring in outside resources to produce it is all found naturally in the grounds of Alabama.

5.The confederate army declared Montgomery its first union capitol before the civil war

6.The confederate flag was designed and flown in Alabama for the first time in the years leading up to the Civil war.

7.Before, Alabama became a state it had its first county. Blount county was officially a county in 1818 which makes it older then the state of Alabama

8.Alabama officially became part of the U.S. as a recognized state in 1819

9.Alabama has a traditional state song it’s called what else “Alabama”

10.The creek Indians were the first people to settle in the lands of Alabama, and that is where Alabama got its name from.In Indian, it means “Tribal Town”

11.Alabama has the world’s largest army chemical museums in the world. With over 4000 chemical warheads in Fort McLennan

12.One of the World’s greatest baseball players was born in Alabama the Great “Willie Mays”

13.Huntsville Alabama is home to world’s largest rocket and space museum. It has annual visitors of up to 2 million each year that come to experience what it is like to live, work, and play in space.

14.Dr. Luther Leonidas was the first person in recorded history to perform an open heart surgery. The victim was a young boy who had been stabbed.

15.The only type writer to have survived the Second World War that belonged to Hitler is stored in the museum of Bessemer.

16.1995 Heather Whitestone was the first miss America from Alabama to win the elite pageant. She was also the first disabled person to ever win a Miss America pageant.

17.Winston County was the first county to declare independence from the confederacy and the Union. It still is referred to as the free state of Winston County today.

18.The first sales tax in Alabama was initiated in 1937 later than any other state because they needed additional funds for public education

19.Old Saint Stephens was the official capital of Alabama before it was constituted a state. In which case it was moved to Montgomery in 1820

20.Alabama is known as the rocket capital of the world. More rockets for war, space exploration, and science are made in Alabama than any other State.


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  • cloverleaffarm profile image

    Healing Herbalist 

    6 years ago from The Hamlet of Effingham

    Great and informative hub. Love to learn little details about places. Thanks for sharing it. Voted up.


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