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20 Fun & Interesting Facts about Arkansas

Updated on July 4, 2012

1. Arkansas has many levels of terrain some that reach only 54 feet above sea level to their highest peak at Mt. Magazine at 2800 ft.

2. Little Rock is known for its parks. It also contains one of the largest public parks anywhere in the U.S

3. Traditions are still alive in Arkansas, and people still celebrate a simpler way of life with the Ozark folk festival that is held every year.

4. President Clinton was the Governor of Arkansas before becoming president of the US in 1992.

5. Arkansas is rich in natural beauty and wonders with over 500,000 acres of lakes and rivers

6. Arkansas holds tight to its rich historical heritage. It contains some of the oldest structures found in the state at the Quapaw Quarters.

7. Arkansas holds the title for the largest dulcimers in the world. Located in the small city of Mountain View.

8. Hot Springs national park has been a hot bed of national hero’s and villains through the century greats like Franklin D. Roosevelt, Babe Ruth and even Bill Clinton where born here. Some notable gangsters like Al Capone.

9. Arkansas has one of the only parks in the world where visitors can come and search for rare earth metals like diamonds, amethyst, jasper and others.

10. Arkansas is the leading supplier of Chalk in the nation. The St. Francis River contains enough chalk to supply the US four over, a thousand years.

11. The official state bird of Arkansas is the mocking bird. After much deliberation,the legislator decided the Jay bird was just not Arkansas enough, so they chose the mocking bird. In 1930

12. The richest deposit of earth metals in a single location is located in Arkansas. The location has an estimated 102 different kind of minerals that are available to be extracted. The min is located in Magnet Cove.

13. The Largest single retailer in the world is located in the state of Arkansas. Wal-mart began its introduction to the world in Bentonville Arkansas

14. Some of the most richly diverse quartz crystals are available in Arkansas. Mount Ida is known as the crystal capital of the world.

15. Arkansas is known to create some of the most well crafted archery bows in the world. Pine bluff was the first location to be established for archery bows.

16. Alma, Arkansas is the spinach capital of the world and the home of Popeye

17. Little Ricer county Courthouse is the single most amazing display in the US for Christmas lights. Over the years, there displays have gotten so huge that there are sometimes over 100 million Christmas lights lighting up the town during the Christmas season.

18. General Douglas MacArthur, famous for his ww2 battles in the pacific, his decorated duty as an honored war general, and a legislative assembly person was born in little rock in 1880

19. The first permanent settlement established in the state of Arkansas was The Arkansas post it was settled in 1686

20. Conway was the site of the first university of Arkansas it was first opened to the public in 1907


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