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20 Fun & Interesting Facts about Australia

Updated on October 15, 2012

1. The country of Australia has many different features when it comes to land. There are tropical coastal areas, forests in the north and south of the country. However, the majority of Australia is actually covered in Desert. A total of one-fifth is desert.

2. Australians love their beer. So, much beer is drunk in Australia that there are actually more bars and pubs in the country then mines.

3. Australia has a wide range of exotic and wonderful creatures that roam its borders. The most well-known of these are the Kangaroo and Koala Bear.

4. One of the greatest and protected attractions in Australia is the Great Barrier Reef. One of the unusual things is that there is an actual mail box for the reef. Many people use it to write to about their support for the protection of the wildlife and the largest natural reef in the world.

5. The land down under is the flattest of all continents in the world. Much of the land area is at or about sea level.

6. The Australian dragon fly is one of the fastest insects on earth being clocked by radar at over 55 Mph

7. Australia has a population of only 20 million people most who live along the coastal cities. Since, the central location is mostly desert, it is only reasonable

8. Australia is known for its quality Wool. They are also the largest exporter of sheep in the world.

9. Australia has the oldest known skeleton of a human ever found at over 380000 years. You can see it now on display at the national museum of history in Sydney.

10. Bob Hawke the former prime minister of Australia downed 2.5 liters of beer in 11sec which is stated in the Guinness book of world records

11. Australia was where other countries dropped off their Criminals so they would not be bothered in their home countries with the cost of imprisonment

12. Many people think that the land down under uses money as currency. In many areas of Australia, where the unemployment rates are higher they barter and trade with large cans of beer.

13. Australians love their meat pies consuming over 250 million of them in a single year

14. Australia has many traditional and unusual names for towns and cities. One of the most unusual is doo town.

15. Australia has a unique feature in the town of roebuck if you look at the golden sun at sunset you see a golden stairway to heaven at low tide

16. Australia has many ranchers that use a lot of land to raise cattle. So, with each of the cattle need to be weight it has the largest cattle weigh station in the world.

17. Melbourne has the largest Greek population limit outside of Greece itself anywhere in the world

18. Rabbits are considered to be Pests in Australia

19. Australia has the largest population of camels with one hump in the world

20. The historic Sydney opera house Roof weighs more than 161,000 tons


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  • Apostle Jack profile image

    Apostle Jack 

    7 years ago from Atlanta Ga

    It is a great hub.Thanks for sharing. I love the out-country and the open sky of God's creations.You did it well.


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