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20 Fun & Interesting Facts about Belgium

Updated on May 27, 2012

1. Brussels, Belgium is the capital of the European Union. This was established as the capital due to the neutrality that Belgium is known. It is also a centralized location in Europe for all members to meet.

2. Belgium is known around the world as the Essence of Europe Because of the savory food, beer and desserts it creates. These recipes have been passed down for hundreds of years. They still make a lot of their savory foods as they did back in history.

3. Belgium legalized Gay marriage prior to any other country and made illegal the concept, of forced marriages.

4. The Belgium motorway is the only manmade object on earth that can be seen clearly from the moon. Many other objects can be seen just not as clearly as this motorway

5. Oil paints for painting were first developed in Belgium in the 15th century. Many of these oil paints were used by some of the most famous artist in Europe. Many of the paintings can still be seen in many of the museums, legislative buildings and other historical locations all around Belgium.

6. The creation of the saxophone was created in Belgium by Belgian Adolphe Sax. It soon became a known instrument used in many bluegrass, jazz, and other bands.

7. Education in Belgium is a top priority it is mandatory for all citizens under 18 to finish school. This has provided Belgium many opportunities in high tech fields all around the country.

8. In 496 AD, Belgium was a part of the kingdom founded by King Clovis

9. Belgium is the only country in the world that brews 400 different kinds of beers.

10. Belgium people love their coupons almost as much as Americans. With hard economic times hitting the world, they are currently the leaders in coupon redemption.

11. The country legalized female partisan in the clergy in 1921 one of the first countries to allow it in the world

12. Belgium is the world largest producer of chocolate more than 300,000 pounds are made annually.

13. Brussels has the largest income tax per person in the world. They use the income tax to offer many civil services that are provided to everyone. Including healthcare and insurance.

14. It was a Belgium person that actually founded New York City in the late 1400’s

15. Belgium was the first to use mass printing to create a general newspaper

16. The first beer school opened in Brussels in 1999 called herk-de-stad

17. Belgium is famous for its waffles. They offer a variety of over 500 different varieties of waffles.

18. Belgium was the first country in the world to ban cluster bombs. Cluster bombs explode above the ground and covers a wide area causing sever dismemberment and death to those below.

19. Belgium has the highest rates of ecstasy use in the world over 25 million tablets were consumed

20. Billiards balls made in Belgium are a highly sought for many pool players. Because, the balls in Belgium are made of pure ivory, which is highly sought after.


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  • Kadmiels profile imageAUTHOR


    7 years ago from Florida

    It is look for a phot on google of the earth from the moon and you can see it it is quite amazing

  • jeneriodan profile image


    7 years ago



    I made a mistake. I meant number 4 (not number 1) is interesting.

    I admit that shocking was a bit of exaggeration.

  • Kadmiels profile imageAUTHOR


    7 years ago from Florida

    why is that shocking to you >?

  • jeneriodan profile image


    7 years ago

    shocking information !!

    especially Number 1.

    Thank you very much


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