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20 Fun & Interesting Facts about Colorado

Updated on July 4, 2012

1. The city of Denver was the only city in history to vote against having the winter Olympics help d there in 1976. The people were concerned about the event and what impact it would have on the environment.

2. "Beulah red" is the rarest marble in the world. It is only found in Colorado, and it was all used to build the Colorado state capitol. All of the marble dug out went to the capitol and can never be replaced.

3. The largest air force academy base is located in Colorado springs.

4. Colorado has a lot of mountains, and none is more famous than the flat top mesa of the “Grand Mesa”

5. Colorado is also full of weird celebrations. The town of Fruita celebrates Mike the headless chicken day every year in September. Mike was a real chicken that lived without a head for, an additional four years.

6. Louis Ballet was the first person to invent the cheeseburger. The patent office gave him the rights to call it that in 1935.

7. Colorado has some very tricky roads that navigate through the rocky mountains. None of them is as famous as the road to Mt. Evens. The road climbs up the side of a mountain, to more than 15000 feet above sea level.

8. Colorado in the native Indian language means “Colored Red”

9. The largest amount of land owned by the United States government in any state is in the state of Colorado. More than one-third of the land is federally owned across the state.

10. Colorado is the highest state in the country it even holds more land mass than all of the other states combined. It consist, of over 75 percent of the total land mass of the U.S

11. Colorado has the largest number of wildlife refuges, and state wildlife areas than any other state. Numbering more than 225 restricted areas.

12. Denver has the longest continuous street ever paved in the United States. The street is Colfax Avenue.

13. The 13th step of the state capitol building in downtown Denver is exactly 1 mile above sea level.

14. Leadville is a unique name for a town that was mining silver. However, the founding fathers thought there were too many silver towns, so they wanted to be different. Leadville is also the highest city in the U.S at an altitude of 10,500 feet

15. Katherine Lee Bates wrote the song “America the Beautiful” after she saw the beauty of the rocky mountains from Pikes Peak.

16. Pueblo is the only city in America where courage is abounded. 4 Living soldiers from world war 2 received the medal of honor for their services. The most metal of honor recipients of any other city in America.

17. Denver is not known for its tall buildings, but it does have the tallest building in the state at 57 stories high. It is the republic Plaza in Downtown Denver.

18. Denver has the largest city park system of any other city in the U.S with over 225 parks in and around the city. Equal to about 20000 acres of total land use.

19. Dove Creek, Colorado has the proud distinction of being the Pinto Bean Capital of the world.

20. The largest sand dunes anywhere in the world are located in the southwest Colorado. Left there by wind and water more than, a million years ago. Some of the highest sand dunes average more than 700 feet high


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