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20 Fun & Interesting Facts about Connecticut

Updated on July 4, 2012

1. Connecticut has the oldest known telephone book ever created. It only contained 50 names It was distributed by the New Haven telephone company in 1880

2. The world’s first nuclear powered sub was made in the city of Groton, Connecticut in 1955

3. Connecticut is one of only two states that never ratified the amendment for prohibition which still technically makes them alcohol Free states.

4. The first copper coins were printed from copper that was located in, Simbury.

5. The oldest public library in the United States is located in the state of Connecticut. It started collecting books in 1771. The library could be visited every 3rd Monday of every month. The patrons were known to pay for damages to the books. Most of the damage was from the wax candles they use to use to read by at night.

6. The first woman in the United States to receive a patent on an invention was Mary Kies of South killingly. She invented a new method of weaving straw with silk

7. 21 modern day technology pioneers became the first people to subscribe to the new United States telephone exchange.

8. The first trade organizations for selling and buying stock were set up in Naugatuck Valley.

9. Cattle branding was not a western idea but came from Connecticut. It was mandatory under Connecticut law to determine ownership of livestock.

10. Connecticut has some weird laws on the books. For example, if you cross the street walking on your hands you can be fined 50 dollars.

11. The oldest newspaper still in circulation today is the Hartford Courant. The newspapers first printing was completed in 1764.

12. Connecticut has more newspapers in circulation then local news television stations more than 150 different newspapers come out daily, weekly, monthly circulations.

13. Connecticut, has come out with some unique inventions the Polaroid camera in 1934, helicopter in 1939 and even the first color TV in 1948

14. The first speed limit in Connecticut was set at 12 miles an hour in 1901.

15. The WWF has its headquarters located in Stanford Connecticut. It has sense become one of the most popular sports in the U.S. With an estimated 15 million viewers weekly.

16. The official submarine museum in the country that is run by the U.S navy is located in Groton. No, other submarine museum in the world has such an extensive collection as can be found here

17. The first lollipop was invented, by George Smith in New Haven, in 1908. It was named after a local race horse after it one of the largest horse racing tournaments in Connecticut

18. Connecticut was the first state in the country to start using permanent license plates on cars. It was endorsed by the governor as an additional tax revenue in 1937

19. Ella Grasso elected herself to be appointed state governor in 1974 no one objected. She had done such a good job in the legislator that the people wanted to give her the governorship as a reward.

20. Connecticut has t eh most unusual state insect. It is the praying mantis.


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