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20 Fun & Interesting Facts about Costa Rica

Updated on September 21, 2011

1. Costa Rica has a unusual tradition of giving coffee to babies and infants in there bottles to help calm them

2. Costa Rica initiated a plan to become the first country in the world to become carbon neutral by 2021

3. Costa Rica declared independence from Spain in the early 1800s but Spain did not officially recognize it until after 1850

4. One thing that is unusual in Costa Rica is if you want McDonalds or Wendy’s delivered there is the option

5. Habitats and country specific parks make up more than 30% of Costa Rica’s land mass

6. When applying for a Visa or Passport in costa Rica they follow a strict dress code so always dress formally otherwise you may have to return later from being turned away for service

7. The Constitution that was drafted for Costa Rica apply there is no military in the country in that way they can remain neutral in any future conflicts

8. Spanish is the main language spoken by 95% of Costa Rica’s population the other 5% are native mestizos

9. Costa Rica maintains one of the world’s strongest educational system with up to a 97% rate of literacy in the country

10. The Religious practice of most of the country is Roman Catholic but the country provides freedom of religion for everyone

11. In Costa Rica they have an unusual name for speed bumps son muertos (Spanish for ‘dead persons)

12. The most popular sport in Costa Rica is Football followed by bull fighting in which the bull never dies

13. Costa Rica always goes through the yearly coffee production and keeps the best for its own population and exporting the rest to USA or other countries

14. When opening a door in Costa Rica you push instead of pull opposite in the USA

15. Soda made in Costa Rica always uses the real sugar cane

16. Cigarettes are only 1.50 a pack for most major brands

17. Street children are very prevalent here but not all of them are honest some just want to collect money for their parents which are near by

18. Costa Rica has 25 different species of humming bird more than any other country in the world

19. Costa Rica has its own currency (the Colon), most stores list prices in terms of U.S. dollars

20. Guaro is the local alcoholic liquor of choice


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  • Valene profile image


    5 years ago from Missouri

    I didn't know all those facts. I spent some time in Costa Rica once and wrote a hub about it; I would love to go back! Best place on Earth as far as I've seen. I sure didn't know about the "dead man" speed bumps, that's funny!

  • Maximizer profile image


    6 years ago from San Jose, Costa Rica

    This was a great article, but I want to clarify a few of the facts...

    The only places you'll see USD prices listed in stores is a few stores, usually on the beach, which cater specifically to tourists. The vast majority of the country only lists the price in colones, including in the capital San Jose.

    Cigarettes are 1,000 colones, which is $2

    Not sure where you found the fact about the doors, but you get both down here; they don't discriminate.


    Great hub, voted up and interesting!


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