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20 Fun & Interesting Facts about France

Updated on May 27, 2012

1. France has a long history with many sports. Their most famous is soccer followed by bicycling. The world famous tour de France is held there every year.

2. Healthcare in France has been rated against other countries in the World. With France always coming out within in the top 5 spots.

3. There are over 1 million illegal immigrants in France. Many are fighting for equal right among the French people today

4. France has one of the highest populations in Europe. As of the national 2010 census count there are over 10 million people in the country of France.

5. France for most of the last decade has been the innovator when it comes to railroads. They have one of the largest networks of railroads in the world. Recently Germany was granted the number one spot as having the largest in railroads.

6. The French Judicial system is unique. They call it a civil, judicial system meaning that the judges do not make laws only interpret them for the majority.

7. The most popular religion in France is Roman Catholic followed by Islam. Which France has many illegal aliens form many Muslim countries that have incorporated the Islamic religion in the nation/

8. France is the largest country in Europe with over 3000 miles of coast line

9. The Chanel Tunnel connects the countries of France and England greatly benefiting both countries in trade and economic ties

10. France is one of the most popular countries to visit any time of the year with an annual tourist rate of over 65 million visitors annually

11. The first Flight of the supersonic concord took place from the French city of Toulouse, instantly becoming the fastest commercial plane in the world. The concord was retired in 2008 due to environmental concerns

12. Disney land, California, and Orlando was so popular among Europeans Disney decided to build the only one in Europe in outside Paris, France

13. The Statue of Liberty one of the most recognized statues in the world was given by France to the United States as a token of friendship

14. The tour D France is the most popular bicycle competition in the world covering almost 2100 miles for the world title.

15. France is the only country in Europe that has 5 major water systems and 7 different mountain ranges running through and around it

16. France is home to French wine considered to be the highest class of wine anywhere in the world

17. The makers of Levis jeans were originally founded in the city of Nimes, France which made jeans, an overnight sensation

18. France was once a British colony for over 3 ½ centuries. The hatred towards the British, still continue to this day.

19. France is home to the largest historical museum in the world the, Louvre. Which holds, some of the world’s most iconic paintings and sculptures

20. France was the first country in the world to introduce the gothic architecture style, and use it widely during the reign of King Phillip


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