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20 Fun & Interesting Facts about Idaho

Updated on March 27, 2012

1. The oldest building in the state of Idaho is the cataldo mission.

2. American Falls stands out as a new community because it has moved two times since the dams have been built and rebuilt. They had to follow the dams if they were to stay the same name.

3. One of the most prestigious private colleges in the nation is located in Rexburg. It is ricks College and the largest of two year institutions.

4. The red Cedar tree in Idaho is the largest tree available in the state. It is over three thousand years old and can run 18 feet in diameter. It can stand more than 200 feet tall.

5. The highest fire lookout in the U.S. is the fire lookout in Boise national forest. It is over 9500 feet tall at its peak.

6. Idaho has some weird laws on its books; it is illegal for citizens to give each other candy boxes weighing in at more than 50 pounds.

7. Idaho is known for their potatoes, but the city of Gem Valley, Idaho is known for its certified seed potatoes.

8. The state of Idaho remains the largest preserver of national forest in the country behind Alaska. They have over 5 ½ million acres set aside as designated wildlife refuges.

9. In 1896, the city of Council Valley renamed itself to the city of Council, because it would not fit on the pamphlets to promote tourism.

10. The Lewis and Clark highway is the shortest route from the Midwest to the pacific coast. However, it goes through the longest stretch of national forest in the nation.

11. The city of Cambridge site high in the mountains at about 2500 feet above seal level. The rest of the mountains around the city reach well over 9000 feet. Then on the opposite side the valley plunges in to Hells Canyon to around 1500 feet.

12. Idaho was a gold town first formed in the 1860s by settlers traveling west. When they discovered gold, there many decided to stay and test their luck.

13. Heyburn is the second community to be settled in the Midwest before settlers went on to settle the rest of the pacific. The town use to be known as Riverton.

14. Bruneau Dunes State Park has the single largest free standing sand dune in the U.S. The Dunes are over 500 feet high and made of a single pile of sand weighing more than 1000 tons.

15. Hells Canyon is the deepest gorge in America that can be seen from 800 feet up.

16. Downey’s first store was opened in Idaho called the W.A Hyde Co. Which was rebuilt in 1894

17. Idaho is known for its tremendous hot springs that have been around for millions of years. They are located in Lava springs.

18. The Nez Perce is among the richest heritage in Idaho. Idaho is known for its horses the Appaloosa horse was first bred here as the United States cavalries first War horse.

19. Sawtooth mines are famous for its Iron ore. However, it was not until the saw tooth recreation area opened that it made it the primary gateway to the Sawtooths.

20. Idaho holds the second largest water falls in the U.S. Shoshone falls have over a 212 foot drop near twin falls.


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