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20 Fun & Interesting Facts about Indiana

Updated on June 18, 2012

1. The first long distance endurance auto race was held in Indianapolis. The motor speedway held it soon after being completed on May 30, 1911. Today in celebration the Indianapolis speedway holds one of the auto racing’s most popular races the Indianapolis 500.

2. Abraham Lincoln moved with his parents to Indiana. He was 7 years old when he came here and grew up in Spencer County in North Indiana.

3. The famous explorers, Lewis and Clark, started their expedition of the Northwest territories from Indiana. They started out from Fort Vincennes

4. Indiana has had many famous movies filmed in its borders the movie “Hard Rain” was the most successful.

5. The plan that won the war in the pacific was manufactured by the skilled hands of laborers in Evansville Indiana. They built the P47 mustang.

6. Raggedy Ann and Andy are famous dolls created from the artistic mind Marcella Gruelle. He lived and died in Indian in 1917

7. Many famous actors have been born in Indian In the 1950s James Dean was famous for a number of them. He died very young in an auto crash at the young age of 24

8. The Late night show everyone loves the “David Lettermen show:” Was first aired on TV in 1947 from Indianapolis, Indiana

9. Indiana has a strong belief in Saint Nick. At Christmas time, kids from all over the state send letters to Santa. In any given year, more than 500,000 letters are received opened and answered by volunteers from Santa clause.

10. A New concept in Jailing individuals was created in Montgomery County Indiana. They created the rotating Jail cell. It was used up until the early 1970s but is now a jailer museum.

11. One of the most famous parks in Indiana has over 32 covered bridges and is considered the covered bridge capital of the world

12. Indiana has huge on infrastructure to get its citizens going to where they need to be gong quickly. They have more miles of interstate and roads than any other US state. They truly are the “Crossroads of America” Which is also the state slogan

13. Indiana borders the Great Lakes. It has a 40 mile long shore line with Lake Michigan.

14. Indiana holds the finest limestone anywhere in the world. The beautiful limestone is only found here and many capitols and monumental buildings where made with this limestone around the country.

15. Indiana is often times thought of as the Indian nation. However, it has less native Indians in its borders than any other state. At the latest census of 2010, it was less than 8000

16. The French were the first to build settlements in Indiana. The French, than surrendered their claims on the region after the French, Indian war.

17. At the end, of the revolutionary war the states of Indian Illinois, Ohio, and Wisconsin where all part of the Northwest Territories.

18. Ft Wayne is Indians second largest historical city one from the Indians at Ft. Miami

19. Studebaker got its start building horse drawn carriages in the Indiana. It went onto make some of the world’s best cars.

20. Pork and Beans was invented in Indiana after the inventor discovered that people were coming to his grocery store asking for them to be placed together in the bags.


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  • JamaGenee profile image

    Joanna McKenna 5 years ago from Central Oklahoma

    You're welcome! And if you're ever in Rensselaer (Jasper County), there was (still is?) a great bar and cafe across from the limestone court house called (if memory serves) the City Office. Or something like that! ;D

  • Kadmiels profile image

    Kadmiels 5 years ago from Florida

    thanks i have family there as well and always found indianapolis one of the most well laid out cities i have ever driven through it was easy to navigate. I have not been to the north of the state too much. Thanks for the heads up on the "a"s they have been resolved :)

  • JamaGenee profile image

    Joanna McKenna 5 years ago from Central Oklahoma

    I have roots in Indiana, plus two daughters chose it as their home, so I found this hub quite interesting. I do have to disagree, though, with the availability of roads in Indiana. There's large section of the northwest part of the state where it's an exercise in logistics and map-reading to get from Point A to Point B without driving more miles out of the way than is logical or necessary.

    South Bend was/is the home of the Studebakers who founded the car company. Sunday brunch at the old Studebaker mansion-cum-restaurant was a treat I'll never forget!

    btw, I don't usually mention typos, but you might want to proof the hub one more time and add the missing "a"s to "Indian". Reads a bit weird without them!

    Voted up! ;D