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20 Fun & Interesting Facts about Iowa

Updated on March 28, 2012

1. There are some crooked streets in Iowa. The most famous street is Burlington’s snake Alley which is considered the most crooked street in the world.

2. There are plenty of strawberries grown in Iowa, and at strawberry point, their passions for strawberries are huge. They have the largest one in the world

3. Iowa loves parks and uses every inch of land that it can too make use of into parks. The smallest park, consist of only a bench and a small piece of land situated in the middle of Hitemen, Iowa

4. The city of Scranton still is using the original water tower built more than 100 years ago.

5. Dubuque was founded in Iowa in the early 1880s and is the state’s oldest settled city

6. Most of the lakes in the US, where left behind by huge ice sheets called glaciers thousands of years ago. Spirit lake is the largest glacier made lake in the state

7. Ratbun Dam is still the largest man made body of water in the entire state. It feeds thousands of people on its water source every year.

8. The Danish Love Iowa they settled here generations ago in Elk Horn, Iowa

9. Lake East Okoboji is the longest natural lake in the state.

10. The oldest running theater still in use today is in Iowa. The theater has been open since 1910 and is located in Story City.

11. The oldest governor to every take office in any state is from Iowa. Francis drake was 6 years old when he was sworn it into the Governor’s office in Iowa

12. Grant Wood Artwork is famous in Iowa and there in the Cedar Rapids museum of art is his largest collection.

13. Topsoil in the plain states is tough to come by. However, in Iowa it is plentiful a recent survey done by the agriculture department, found Iowa’s top soil considered Grade A.

14. The shortest and steepest Railroad elevator is located in Dubuque.

15. Quaker Oats is the largest cereal company in the world and is located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

16. Court houses are usually not inlaid with gold at all. However, the Dubuque courthouse is inlaid with a dome of gold

17. Cornell College is the most historical college in the Nation. The entire campus is listed in the national registry of Historical Places.

18. Lewis and Clark, made the grand expedition to the pacific and the only man to have died on the voyage is Sergeant Floyd There is a monument in his honor in, Sioux city.

19. Stamp competition is not exciting in most states. However, in Iowa it is the State sport. Maynard Reece is the only one to ever win 5 times in a row at the Federal Duck Stamp Competition.

20. Iowa’s only operating carousal to make it past the World War 2 is located in the city of Story City. They were using the scrap metal to in tanks, planes, and other areas during World War 2. So, many of these huge carousal were taken down in response to recycle the metal for the war.


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  • Lipnancy profile image

    Nancy Yager 

    7 years ago from Hamburg, New York

    Love Iowa. Lots of friendly people there. Had many wonderful experiences in this state.


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