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20 Fun & Interesting Facts about Japan

Updated on May 27, 2012

1. The country of Japan is made up of many smaller islands that surround it. It lays claim to about 6000 total islands that surround the main island of Japan.

2. The Japanese government is highly selective of the prime minister and can only be appointed by the legislator not the people.

3. Japan uses an array of 4 different type of writing systems in schools and secondary education. This writing system is to compliment the wide variety of systems in place from north to south Japan.

4. In the Japanese educational system it is customary for students in middle and high school to wear specific uniforms. This helps take care of the issue that American schools face with specific clothes, styles and other competitive images. It helps Japan create an atmosphere of higher learning instead of a focus on material images

5. Japanese kitchens do not normally include conventional ovens most have no ovens at all. This is because most meals are cooked on hot plates or even open fires for better traditional taste.

6. The first Japanese emperor was enthroned in 1192 Yortomo. He was the first in a long session of emperors to conquer many of the lands that surround Japan

7. In Japan you can purchase unusual items from vending machines city wide.

8. Japans islands are covered in mountains almost 70% total. Making Japan one of the only countries in the world to face the challenge of mountain infrastructure building.

9. The major religions in Japan consist of Buddhism by the Japanese government allows religious freedom

10. The red circle in the Japanese flag is representing the sun

11. The population of Japan is roughly 129 million people and it has one of the most congested cities in the world Tokyo

12. Japan is centered in the pacific Ring of fire and has too concentrated its building efforts in making their buildings earthquake proof.

13. Japan is the largest consumer of rain forest timber in the world. Many of the traditional Japanese buildings are built with the timber from the rain forest of brazil and other tropical areas.

14. You must wear special bathroom slippers while going to the bathroom to prevent contaminating the rest of the home

15. When bowing in japan to others as a greeting beware there have been reports of fractured skulls from those who have

16. Japanese consider different types of meat a delicacy for example horse meat. They have a wide variety of other meats including dog, donkey, and other animals that are considered a delicacy.

17. Blowfish are the most deadly fish in the world it can take a Japanese cook many years to be considered a bow fish chef

18. Geisha means "person of the arts" and the first geisha were actually men

19. In the past to show reverence or that someone is sorry they will shave their head in repentance

20. Japans most popular sports are Sumo Wrestling and baseball which America introduced o them after World War 2


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  • The Blagsmith profile image

    The Blagsmith 5 years ago from Britain

    Just a few things to add: Point 2 Japan has changed prime ministers many times much to the consternation of its people who would like someone to stay for a while so they can concrete policies.

    Point 3 Yes, very difficult to learn their language: Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji and Romaji

    Point 4 It makes school very expensive and also includes a first day uniform (to be only worn one day).Stationery, schoolbooks, musical instruments, school meals all have to be supplied by the parents too.

    Point 5 - My parents-in-law house contained no oven either but they are very keen on cake with almost any shape, including slices purchasable from their shops. Many houses especially in the countryside also do not contain flushing toilets: which requires someone to come out to suck up the waste - very smelly.

    Point 7 - Yes can be very unusual though most of them serve cold drinks, royal tea and cold coffee. They can also be seen beside the roadside in rural areas.

    Point 12 Yes, our family was stirred up by the biggest back in March. My wife still stays with her parents and I brought our boys to Britain due to possible contamination through the nuclear plant being affected.

    Point 18 I never knew that and I am surprised my wife never told me. Men as Geishas, I wonder if they had to have material wrapped around their feet to prevent them growing.

    Thank you for this hub.The facts are interesting.

  • kerlynb profile image

    kerlynb 6 years ago from Philippines, Southeast Asia, Earth ^_^

    WOW! Had to vote this one up! I love Japan :) If I may add, Japanese natto is a particularly well-loved delicacy in Japan but is received as a nasty dish in most parts of the world. Natto is actually considered one of the healthiest foods in the world, along with kimchi, lentils, yogurt, and olive oil.