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20 Fun & Interesting Facts about Jordon

Updated on July 2, 2012

1. The Capitol of Jordon is Amman. The capital city is one of the most historic in the Middle East.

2. Petra is a famous biblical city in Jordon that is carved out of rock more than 2000 years ago. Some say that revelations points to this impenetrable city in the end time.

3. Mount Nebo is famous in Jordon it is said to be the burial place of Moses. Many people make annual pilgrimages to the mountain to honor him.

4. The government of Jordon is a Constitutional Monarchy with representation of the people in parliament

5. In 1945 an Arab league was established and Jordon is still currently a member.

6. John the Baptist was imprisoned in Jordon. He was known around that ancient Middle East as one of gods most revered prophets. He lost his head when the queen asked for it on a silver platter.

7. Tourist love to come to Jordon and travel the kings highway from Amman to Aqaba because of many historical sites along the way

8. The lowest point on earth has been recorded in Jordon as the lowest point on earth the Dead Sea. Some of the most ancient Christian writings have been found in caves along the sides of this ancient sea bed.

9. The official name of the country of Jordon is Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

10. The currency used in Jordon in the Jordanian dinar

11. The major religion in Jordon is Muslim followed by Catholics. However, Christians and Catholics are still highly persecuted around the country do to the dominate Religious Muslims.

12. Jordon was established as an independent country in the year 1946

13. Arabic is widely spoken in Jordon followed by English as a second language among the upper class

14. Poverty in Jordon is still very wide spread after years of failed public policies. However, recent changes in government have allowed the establishment of new initiatives that has reduced the poverty rate in Jordon significantly.

15. In ancient maps Jordon was part of the field known as the Ancient crescent

16. The national dish of Jordon is mansaf rice with chucks of lamb. It is a traditional part of a guest feast in Jordon.

17. When visiting a home do not admire decor much because the home owner will feel obligated to give them the item and is considered rude

118. If you praise children for good behavior keep it short and sweet it can be considered back luck by the locals

19. Family is still the core of society and many families still live under the same roof. Sometimes you can find many as many as 2 generations of family living under the same roof. This is due to culture and economic conditions in parts of the country.

20. Even if you are left handed it is considered wrong to eat with anything but your right hand. In the past Jordon has been known to punish people for using their right hand by cutting it off. It is considered a sign of disrespect among many people in the country.


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