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20 Fun & Interesting Facts about Kentucky

Updated on March 28, 2012

1. The town of Murray, Kentucky is home to the national boy Scout Museum.

2. The Kentucky derby is the most anticipated race horse in the world. It is held the first Saturday in May and is the oldest running horse race available.

3. The Kentucky lands were often hunted by the Shawnee and the Cherokee Indian tribes. It was rich in food and game to be hunted by their hunters. As settlers moved in it, was soon closed off as a major hunting ground

4. 1774 was the first settlement that was settled here in Kentucky. It was named after jammer Harrod who led the team of surveyors on the expeditions the town’s name is Harrodsburg.

5. The Kentucky legislator in 1967 named the official state tree the coffee tree. They changed it from the tulip tree.

6. The famous Chevrolet Corvettes were first introduced to the world by the bowling green Kentucky plant where they are still manufactured today

7. Kentucky has the world’s record for longest Cave. It is a major tourist attraction that has been in service since 1816 and millions of people have been able to experience the wonders of this natural phenomenon.

8. In 1819, Kentucky, was home to the first oil well. It was n the Cumberland river in McCreary County

9. The first Miss America from Kentucky ever was crowned in 1999 her name was Heather Renee French.

10. The first major commercial chicken restaurant opened up in Corbin Kentucky. It would soon be world renowned as Kentucky fried chicken.

11. Kentucky is the state that both president s of the Union (Abraham Lincoln), and (Jefferson Davis) President of the confederacy were both born.

12. A moon bow is a rainbow that is made at night from the moon. The only one to ever be seen on a regular basis is in Corbin Kentucky at the edge of the Cumberland waterfall.

13. Covered bridges are very numerous in Kentucky one county has almost 15 of them, and that is Fleming County.

14. Christen county Kentucky has more alcoholics per capa than any other county what is odd is that Bourbon County is a dry County. No alcohol can be sold.

15. Thunder over Kentucky is the state’s largest fireworks display it is played at the opening and closing ceremonies of the Kentucky derby.

16. The Famous song “happy Birthday to You” was created in the state of Kentucky. It was first sung by two sisters in 1893.

17. Mothers day was first celebrated in Kentucky in 1887 and was made a national holiday soon after. The inspiration came from a town appreciation day for teacher Mary S. Wilson.

18. The first town to be named after the founding father of our country George Washington was chosen in Kentucky.

19. Pike ville is known for one thing, to be the largest consumers of Pepsi in the nation. More Pepsi is sold and consumed there than anywhere else.

20. The first performance of the Beethoven Symphony was completed in Lexington Kentucky in 1817


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