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20 Fun & Interesting Facts about Louisiana

Updated on March 28, 2012

1. The World famous Mardi gras is celebrated in New Orleans every year. It is a celebration of food, fun and entertainment. Always celebrated 40 days prior to Lent and the christen holiday.

2. After the war, of 1812 was officially over the battle of New Orleans led by the famous general Andrew Jackson was fought. It made him a national hero but news traveled pretty slow in those days.

3. The Special Olympics were held in Baton Rouge Louisiana in 1983. The summer games are the most famous and a new state is chosen every year.

4. Louisiana has the tallest state capitol building in all of the US It has 43 floors and almost 500 feet tall.

5. The divisions of Louisiana make it unique. It is the only state that does not have counties. Instead, it has Parishes.

6. Cajuns make up the majority of the population in Louisiana. They were resettled here from Canada because they would not pledge allegiance to the king of England.

7. The Superdome is the largest building in the world that does not have the interference of post to support it in separate locations

8. Louisiana also has the longest bridge in the world that is over water. It is 24 miles long and connects Metairie with St Tammany on the north shore.

9. Napoleon was a big influence on the French. This was carried over in state law as it refers to the Napoleonic code in several instances.

10. The oldest railway station in the country is still in operation on the streets of New Orleans. The Carrolliton Line is the original line build for trains and trolls back in 1907

11. The crawfish capitol of the world is located right in Louisiana under the Breaux Bridge.

12. The first army of the United States to have African America soldiers were the confederate army of Louisiana guards. They were sworn into service on September 27, 1862

13. Louisiana has some strange laws on its books. If, you bite someone with false teeth it is considered aggravated assault. If, you use your natural teeth it is considered simple assault and carries penalties

14. The Saint Charles Street cars in Louisiana are considered a national mobile monument.

15. Louisiana was home to some of the civil wars worst fighting. Once in April 1962 and the other in 1864.

16. Louisiana territory was gained by the United States from France for 15 million dollars literally doubling the size of the country overnight.

17. Bayou is often associated with Louisiana, and in French, it stands for “slow moving river”

18. The city of Sulphur Louisiana is the 13hth largest city and was named after the mining of Sulphur in the area. It was first established in the late 1800s

19. Louisiana buries its dead to face north and south. It is a tradition in the valleys of Louisiana to keep the spirits away.

20. The oldest city in Louisiana is Saint Francisville first establish in 1764


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  • Lipnancy profile image

    Nancy Yager 

    6 years ago from Hamburg, New York

    New Orleans is one of the coolest historical cities to visit.


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