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20 Fun & Interesting Facts about Nebraska

Updated on March 29, 2012

1. The great America desert use to be located in Nebraska, it was called this after the top soil erosion took place during the great depression. It recovered and newer techniques for growing crops were developed to help save the remaining top soil.

2. Kool-Aid, was invented in Nebraska by Edwin E Perkins. It is still drunk today by many children around the country as a summer cool down drink.

3. Arbor day was not celebrated until 1872 when sterling Morton founded the day in Lincoln Nebraska in 1872. Arbor day is the celebration of many variety of trees and their importance to mother earth.

4. The nickname for the state of Nebraska was originally the “Tree Planters State”. It was changed in 1945 to the “corn husker’s state”.

5. The state has a high population of honey bees, which help pollinate, its crops. It became the Nebraska state insect in 1972.

6. The state motto of Nebraska is “equality before Law”

7. The largest navy depot in the country is located in Hastings Nebraska. It is still in use today at the peak of WWII it was supplying the allies with almost 40 percent of the ammunition used coming from here.

8. The world’s largest indoor rainforest is located in Omaha Nebraska.

9. Americas favorite lunch meat “SPAM” was invented in Fremont Nebraska

10. The largest underground aquifer to supply the watering needs of over 50 million people is located in the central part of Nebraska. It is the Ogalala Aquifer.

11. Nebraska is a state of rivers. It has more miles of rivers running between its borders than any other state in the union.

12. While most states are made up of several legislative bodies Nebraska, is made up of only 1 legislative body.

13. When President Theodor Roosevelt mandated a state highway system Nebraska took it by the reins and made it first to finish its 455 mile stretch of interstate that crossed the state.

14. Nebraska has large underground water reserves all over the country side. More than any other state. Many of the early settlers used dowsing techniques to find the wells.

15. Marlon Brandos mother is a famous actor, who opened a play house in Omaha his first student was a young Henry Fonda. Who went on to become one of America greatest actors.

16. Lincoln Nebraska is the location of the world’s largest wooly mammoth fossil skeleton. It was found half buried when a farmer was trying to plow his field. The mammoth was instantly front page news all around the nation because of the detail and completeness of the fossil.

17. The largest limestone deposit in the country is located in Omaha at Weeping Water. More limestone is used from this mine than any other one in the country.

18. Omaha Nebraska is home to the country’s largest insurance provider of mutual.

19. Nebraska loves its sports it has a record of 27 consecutive bowl games and 27 winning seasons.

20. Origin of Nebraska's Name: From the Indian word meaning “flat water”


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