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20 Fun & Interesting Facts about New Jersey

Updated on March 31, 2012

1. New Jersey has its own state song. The song is called “I’m From New Jersey.” It is the only state song that has the ability to adapt to the number of syllables in its name

2. New Jersey is the most densely populated states in the continental United States. It has roughly 1000 people per square mile. Which is 10 time the national average for any state.

3. More than 85 percent of the population of New Jersey lives in the city. They are packed in these very large communities into smaller areas.

4. When you are going about town, there are tons of places that are offering newspapers subscriptions. However, the best newspaper subscription was in 1914, when they offered a part of the newly developed Beachwood to those who’s subscribed to the New York Tribune.

5. Each state has a number of counties and municipalities. However, in New Jersey all the counties are referred to as metropolitan areas.

6. It is no fun when your car is stolen. In New Jersey, you are in the capitol center of the world for car thefts. There are more cares stolen per year in New Jersey than in any other state per year

7. The roads and railroads the circumnavigate this small state are very dense and close together. Nowhere, else in the world are the road made to allow so much traffic in such a close area.

8. The oldest resort for tourism is located in New Jersey. It has maintained a uniqueness with old world charm that provides tourist with a sensation of leaving New Jersey behind to another time. This resort is located in Cape May

9. When engineers started to develop the first steel wire and other suspension bridges the need for the steel cable began to skyrocket. John Roebling opened the first steel cable factory that helped build some of the state’s most famous bridges and other states bridges.

10. There is a variety of Diners in New Jersey. Many are known to eat out at least 4 times a week making the Diner a cheap and easy place to grab a bite to eat for many people in New Jersey.

11. Since, New Jersey is so densely populated it is essential that there be close by places to shop, eat, and spend money. In one area of New Jersey, there are over 7 shopping malls within 20 square miles.

12. The first submarine test ever was completed in the Passaic River with its inventor John P. Holland.

13. New Jersey is home to some of the U.S. Most exotic resorts in the city. Some, of the cities are world famous including Atlantic City. Asbury Park, Wildwood, and Seaside heights.

14. New Jersey is home to the largest chemical producers in the nation. More chemicals are mixed and created here to make other products than any other state.

15. The largest seaport ever constructed is located outside of New Jersey. On Elizabeth port.

16. New Jersey has a history of producing some of the greatest inventors of our time. Thomas Edison was the inventor of the record player and light bulb which were made in Menlo park laboratory, in Newark

17. The Miss America pageant held every year is annually held in Atlantic City. This city has been home to the pageant for more than 50 years.

18. Parker Brothers came out with the world famous game of monopoly. This game was available to the public in early 1900s. It just so happens, all the street names were from Atlantic City.

19. Atlantic City is known for its lights, gambling, woman and its boardwalk. The Atlantic city board walk is the longest boardwalk in the world.

20. New Jersey is home to the largest water tower in the US. With such a densely populated area if something were to happen they can use the water in the tower to provide more than 25 million gallons of water for over 2 weeks.


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