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20 Fun & Interesting Facts about New Mexico

Updated on April 15, 2012

1. New Mexico contains the highest capital in the country. Santa Fe is over 8000 feet above sea level.

2. One of the most favorite and famous activities in New Mexico is the annual international hot air balloon fiesta. People bring their balloons from all over the world and launch into the New Mexico sky by the hundreds.

3. Las Cruces New Mexico is the location of the largest enchilada every made. It was made in October at the annual Whole enchilada Festival.

4. New Mexico is a place of little water. The water and reservoirs that are in the state is mostly man made. The largest lake in the region is Elephant butte Reservoir.

5. The Rio Grande River is the longest river, and it runs the entire border of the states.

6. New Mexico is home to the first detonation of the world’s first atomic bomb. It was denoted in July 16, 1945 on the white sands testing range. It is a famous tourist attraction that can still be visited today.

7. The national monument in the middle of the New Mexico desert is not sand as most people think. It is actually made with a Huge Gypsum Crystal.

8. Chili is famous in New Mexico; however the most famous part of New Mexico for chili is the Hatch.

9. Grant is a huge area of mineral uranium in the state. Grant has produced more uranium for the defense of our county than any other state in the union.

10. New Mexico is known as a four corner state.

11. One of the oldest public buildings in the United States is the Palace of the governor in Santa Fe. The Palace of the governors was an originally built to hold the governor's family residence.

12. There are not many states that have international borders. New Mexico is one of only a handful of states that can claim this title. New Mexico Borders the country of Mexico along its entire southern border.

13. New Mexico’s state flower is the Yucca. The yucca plant is a very useful plant it can make a variety of things due to its strength and agility.

14. Anasazi, were the first settlers into the area before the Pueblo. They occupied done of Americas first generations of settlers. Their residences are sophisticated and dot the soil of New Mexico from border to border. They were in New Mexico roughly 1200 years ago.

15. The state of New Mexico is thought to be entirely desert. However, there are seven national forest within New Mexico’s borders, and almost one-fourth is covered in trees. The largest national forest in New Mexico is over 3.3 million acres.

16. The nation’s longest surviving Indian heritage reservation is located in New Mexico. It covers roughly 14 million acres.

17. With the Indian reservations, are free to make their own laws and regulations. It has come to terms with some of the reservations that they are states with in a state that govern themselves. At times, many of their laws can conflict with state laws causing issues among the tribes and local governments.

18. New Mexico has a bilingual constitution that was drafted in both English and Spanish. More than one third of household speak Spanish at home.

19. White sands missile test range is still used today to test some of the US most advanced rocketry.

20. The government has many established departments related to research, technology and development of medicine in New Mexico. One out of every 3 jobs, found in New Mexico are directly related to the government.


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