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20 Fun & Interesting Facts about Ohio

Updated on March 31, 2012

1. Ambulance service around the country was nonexistent until it was established in Cincinnati in 1865 as the first ambulatory service.

2. Cleveland has been named the first city in the US to have its first traffic light. I was placed in operation on August 5, 1914

3. Ohio is famous for some inventions like the Pop-Top can. It was invented in Lettering in 1890.

4. The first established use of the cash register was recorded in Dayton, Ohio to help stop the stealing of profits at the bar.

5. The official state song of the state of Ohio is “hang on Sloopy” it was first sung at a concert In 1921.

6. The first professional baseball team ever created was the Cincinnati Reds. They were the first registered team to establish major league baseball.

7. The Y bridge has been made famous from Ripley’s believe it or not that has claimed it is the only bridge in the nation that you can cross and still be on the same side of the river.

8. The first police cars that were ever used for traffic enforcement and for the general police department was in Akron, Ohio

9. Ohio was a state with a lot of the first services used. Like the first city, to use a fire department was in Cincinnati.

10. Much of the rubber that you see used in today’s consumer goods come from the world manufacture of rubber in Akron, Ohio.

11. One of the oldest senators to have been on a space mission was John Glen.

12. The first America to officially orbit the earth in a space capsule e John Glen completed this in 1962. This was a huge milestone for the US because they had finally beaten out the Soviet Union in the international space race. It was also the beginning of the new space race to the moon set up by John F. Kennedy.

13. The country is in music frenzy. To capitalize on this Cleveland became the first city in the nation to house the rock and roll hall of fame.

14. Ohio has a 4 season climate. This has provided ample opportunity for larger greenhouses to be built. As a result, it has become the nation’s leading provider of those types of plants.

15. Canton is home to the pro football hall of fame.

16. One of the US highest achievements was getting someone to the moon. Neil Armstrong still lives in his boyhood home in, Wapakoneta, Ohio.

17. The wright Brothers who invested the first airplane that flew from Kitty Hawk in North Carolina were actually from Dayton.

18. The first gas stations to be seen popping up in the country were started in 1899 in Wilmington, Ohio. Soon to be followed by the first convenience store and auto shop that people could make it a one stop shop for all their needs.

19. Ohio was the first state that helped to enact laws that protected the working woman from hazards in the work place.

20. The first hot dog created was at the Ohio world’s fair in 1900.


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