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20 Fun & Interesting Facts about Oregon

Updated on March 31, 2012

1. Oregon’s flag stands out more than any other US state flag. Because on either side of the flag are two separate designs. One side is color the other side is a photo of the beaver.

2. Oregon was part of the gold rush that brought many settlers out west. When they were, done with their claims they moved on. This resulted in Oregon having more ghost towns than any other state in history.

3. One of the largest collections of wind surfers can be found by the banks of the Columbia River. It is one of the hot spots and sometimes called the best placed for wind surfing.

4. Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the World. The lake is on the top of a now dormant volcano that erupted thousands of years ago.

5. In Oregon, it is illegal to pump your own gas. So, the state has never allowed the use of self serve gas stations.

6. The first city in the nation to start implementing one way streets was in Eugene Oregon

7. Oregon is one of the only cities in the US that sits on the rim of a volcano that is now dormant in the US

8. Oregon is known for its trees one of the tallest trees in the state is a Douglas fir that measures 329 feet tall and has a 13 foot diameter.

9. One of the largest gorges in the US is located in Oregon. The 8000 feet deep Hell’s Canyon

10. The only state to declare an official state nut is the state of Oregon. The hazelnut is extremely popular with the locals and is used in baking a variety of goods.

11. Oregon was added to the union on February 14, 1835 as an official state. It is considered the heart of the U.S. by some.

12. One of the attractions that Oregon is the state and national park system. They are also big on yurts which are circular dome tents that you can use for camping. They are available in 19 different state and national parks in Oregon.

13. We all love a good salmon and some of the world’s freshest salmon comes from the rivers of Oregon. The Chinook salmon is also the official state Fish.

14. The largest river in Oregon was discovered in 1792 with the first fur trappers of the area.

15. During the gold rush, one of the largest mines ever found to contain gold was in the cascade mountains near sharp creek, Oregon

16. 1876 was the year the first university officially opened its doors in Eugene, Oregon. The first building that was built on campus was Deadly hall, which is still in use today.

17. Sea lion cave that was located in Oregon is the largest sea cave in the world. It is still being explored by cave divers.

18. Lane County has the most picturesque lighthouse in the world. It is the one that is photographed more times in photos than any other lighthouse.

19. The highest waterfall in Oregon is at Salt Creek falls in the Cascade Mountains. It has a falling point of over 300 feet.

20. Oregon is the location of the world’s only known long term ecological research site. The HJ Andrews experimental forest researches the effects of climate change on local ecology.


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