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20 Fun & Interesting Facts about Poland

Updated on October 12, 2011

1. Poland is considered the 9th largest country in Europe by land mass

2. Instead of birthdays Poland celebrates a more important day called “name day”

3. Nicolaus Copernicus was a famous polish astronomer who first proposed that the earth was not the center of the universe

4. Wroclaw celebrates medieval times festival with traditional clothing and festivities related to medieval times

5. Pizza served in Poland does not contain any sauce, Instead the water brings ketchup to the table as a side

6. Poland does not use toilet paper as we know it in the west they use crepe to make toilet paper which is rougher

7. Poland loves there beer some of it contains almost 10% by volume

8. Poland has a Pope channel so if you long to see the Pope then tune him in 24 hours a day on public TV

9. Saint John’s Kupala is a festival that is celebrated in Poland where people jump over fires

10. The average yearly income for polish workers is only 6,500 USD

11. Poland celebrates Christmas on 2 days instead of one the 25th and 26th

12. Poland has a lot of lakes nearly 2500 each are at least 3 acres in size

13. The population of Poland is approx. 40 million people one of the most populous in Europe

14. Bledow is an actual desert in Poland

15. Thanks to Germany in the west Poland’s borders have changed many times over the centuries

16. Poland is actually considered the heart of Europe or the central location

17. The polish alphabet consist of 32 letters

18. Poland first came to existence in 966 A.D

19. Forests cover almost one third of Poland. Over 50% of the land is dedicated to farming.

20. Gingerbread is the most observed dessert in Poland


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  • Russell-D profile image


    7 years ago from Southern Ca.

    A couple of other little known Poland facts. Another reason people go to Turin, home city of Copernicus is for its ginger bread museum. Shops everywhere sell it, and they'll ship it all over the world. Krakow is home to the world famous Klezmer yearly festival, where klezmer players perform everywhere and the street used as German headquarters in Schindler's List is turned into an outdoor concert site, with thousands of people attending. David Russell

  • Kadmiels profile imageAUTHOR


    7 years ago from Florida

    @ live longer thanks for your updates and i will modify :) at least my butt will not hurt from the rough paper anymore :)

  • livelonger profile image

    Jason Menayan 

    7 years ago from San Francisco

    Great list! I lived in Poland about a decade ago, and noticed that pizza now almost universally has sauce on it, but they still offer "z ketchupem" as an option. I think toilet paper is now the same as it is in the rest of western Europe, too. And I think "alcohol" is missing from #7.

  • Gypsy Willow profile image

    Gypsy Willow 

    7 years ago from Lake Tahoe Nevada USA , Wales UK and Taupo New Zealand

    Very interesting, I didn't realise how little I knew about his country. I do know they breed wonderful Arabian horses, I used to own one bred directly from the famous Sire Gerwazy. Nice hub!


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