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20 Fun & Interesting Facts about Rhode Island

Updated on March 31, 2012

1. The biggest fact about Rhode Island is that it is the smallest state in the country. It only covers a small percentage of land roughly 1300 square miles. In terms of miles, it is only 50 miles wide and 47 miles long.

2. Rhode Island was the last of all the colonies to final ratify the constitution and officially become a state.

3. Rhode Island works with its neighboring states to help manage the shared waterways from New York and Connecticut.

4. Rhode Island is still the only state in the country, to never ratify the prohibition contract that was repealed. So, technically it is illegal to drink in the state of Rhode Island. Even though liquor is available at almost every discount store.

5. Central falls is the location of a famous Indian observation post that was built during the French wars. It was originally built in 1609 when Caroline Cogswell died.

6. The first speeding fine that resulted in the person being thrown in jail was made in Rhode Island. The Rhode Island judge, Darius Baker fined him 2 dollars and 2 weeks in jail.

7. The first time the English game of Polo was player in the united states was in Newport, Rhode Island in 1876

8. Rhode Island is home to the national Lawn Tennis Championship that was first played in 1898 in Newport

9. The oldest church in the state of Rhode Island was a Roman Catholic Church. It was the setting for the famous wedding of john and Jocelyn Kennedys wedding.

10. Golf was never a popular game until it took off in Rhode Island as a gentlemen’s game in 1895.

11. Most states enjoy a system of government that goes from city, county, state. In Rhode Island, the there are no county governments and only the city governments report to the state.

12. The first ever circus to be performed in the United States was in Newport, Rhode Island.

13. The most famous hall of fame for tennis is only able to be seen in Rhode Island.

14. Rhode Island is actually the short name for the state, it is actually quite a bit longer. The official name of Rhode Island is “Rhode Island and Providence Plantations.”

15. George M. Cohan is a master musician who wrote a lot of young, patriotic songs including I’m a Yankee Doodle. He was born in Providence Rhode Island in 1878.

16. Rhode Island is known for its fine craftsmen ship of silver and gold silverware. They are also the

17. The largest artificial bug that was created is on the top of a pest control company. The company has a 58 ft long termite on its roof to help people locate it. It is actually 1000 times the actual size of a real termite.

18. Rhode Island was the first colony to take action against the English occupation during the revolutionary war. They went out into the harbor at night and sunk their main battleship by rigging explosives to its underbelly.

19. Roger Williams is the person to have founded Rhode Island, and during his time over there he found one of the most excellent working views on democracy. These views originally got him banished from Plymouth Mass. Because they were thought of as too extreme.

20. Pawtucket was the origin of the water powered cotton gin that helped speed up the process of picking cotton. It was also the official start of the industrial revolution in 1798 with its invention.


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